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Help with assigning skills

I've assigned lessons to my students and for some students the assignment has been marked as missing and that they've only completed 1 of 4 lessons, but when I click on their assignment it shows me that all the lessons are complete. I don't understand what this means.

I took screenshots of what I'm seeing.

https://ibb.co/y42Xg84 https://ibb.co/k6F1s70

March 24, 2020

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I thought I had assigned "two skills" to my students (Introduction/Phrases). Some have "completed the assignment" but 0 skills, some have gained lots of XPs but have 0 skills (???). I also suggested one of my classes to do one of the stories (Good morning) and one of my students wrote me back "it says that I have to unlock stories at checkpoint one". What does this mean? I am sorry, I am new using Duolingo. Thanks in advance :)

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