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Feedback for Students

Hi all,

I'm new to Duolingo schools and have set it up for my students since schools have been closed.

Does anyone know if there is any way we can give the children feedback on it?



March 24, 2020



Currently, there isn't a personal messaging or bulletin board system within the Schools dashboard.

It is something that has been suggested in the past that I'd love to see implemented one day.


I use Remind.com. Students send me screen shots of their streaks and I can send them explanations of the grammar. I can also message the whole class with remind, and send or receive worksheets. Together it’s great Duolingo and Remind. I have used zoom also for group chats and flip grid for simple demonstrations of certain skills.


MaryKay, could you tell me about your experiences with Zoom? I have been hesitant to do group chats, because I have been a student in group chats and didn't really like the experience. I am looking for good ideas to keep the students engaged, and I am worried about my own learning curve distracting from that. Thank you for your insight!


I agree about Zoom and the distraction is produces. I would recommend the "flip grid" tool to start with because you can produce your assignment and collect from your students asynchronously.
https://info.flipgrid.com/ You can use this tool for assessments. The other thing to watch out for with Duolingo is weaker students will be tempted to test out of levels, and not learn from the lessons. You still need to asses real progress. You can see how they made progress by looking at activity in the Duolingo classroom. High School students don't always have the enthusiasm for learning we hope for.


What I love about Duolingo is that it is adaptive: Students cannot progress unless they get everything right. So hopefully they are giving themselves some instant feedback (which we know is the most effective).

MaryKayDavidson has some great ideas about digging deeper and explaining the grammar more. I will add that if all else fails, a blanket e-mail with grammatical explanations also works. I am going in to school today before it is permanently closed to record myself teaching everything I could possibly want to teach.

I also have my students e-mail me sentences that they have written using the skill of the day, and I give quick feedback on those.

I am glad that you asked this question, because I woke up this morning worried that students are not getting the instant feedback I strive to give. So I had already been mulling this over in my mind.

Hang in there, Jessica, and keep posting questions! We are all in this together.

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