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Parents and Teachers: Tell us your homeschooling with Duolingo experiences

Hi everyone,

We're interested in how homeschooling is going for teachers and parents during this vital time period. If you have any personal stories of how this has affected you or if Duolingo has helped you and students, we'd love to hear it.

Remember, that we're here for you during this worldwide crisis. Please remain safe.

March 24, 2020



Here is my battle plan:

  1. Students do one Duolingo skill per day. I am letting them choose the skill right now. (In other words, I assigned XP.) I feel the freedom of choice will alleviate some of their stress during these uncertain times.

  2. Students do one Duolingo Tinycards of my choosing, and then send me a screenshot when they are done.

  3. Advanced students do one Duolingo Stories and send me a screenshot when they have it golden. Students who have not unlocked the Stories yet listen to the sound file and read the script at https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/36647198. Then they answer a comprehension question. (Mine are silly and fun quick-writes; Keep watching TinyDynamicDuo.)

  4. Watch a video of my choice

  5. Listen to one of my favorite songs

  6. I am adding other stories, and have recorded myself teaching.

Putting this battle plan together has been surprisingly stressful and difficult. We all miss our students terribly and want to be back teaching them normally.

I am so grateful that I already had my students using Duolingo, because it has made this difficult transition so much easier. My students were already in the habit of using Duo one time a day, and since my Tech Goal this year was to incorporate Tinycards, it has not been a scramble for me to put material out there for my students. (Tinycards are working great because it allows me to break down each skill into tiny components and practice them in isolation, before applying the skills to bigger issues.)

And because of my proficiency with Duolingo, I am able to help my two colleagues get up to speed quickly.

We also have an extremely supportive community in the Duolingo Educator's Network. I would be lost without my colleagues around the world! They are an invaluable resource to bounce ideas off of. I invite every educator reading this to apply. There is a sticky on the main Educator Forum page.

These are difficult times that no professional development has ever prepared us for. Nobody should have to re-invent the wheel. We are all in this together. Let's reach out to support one another.


I have use schools for Duolingo for a while now, and am so happy I have. This has made the transition to stay home schooling much easier for the students.


I am a student but Duolingo has really helped me thank you for being here during this time of crisis


I really love the points Madame Sensei has planned! I might have to try some myself! :D Literally only JUST stumbled upon Tinycards!! Currently trying to use the classroom feature to teach my little sister (10) Spanish. So far, we go through one skill level together (which can be fun) and then I set an assignment, but it is a bit hard encouraging her to read aloud while doing the practices herself - or reduce hovering over the words... Any suggestions?


Here's a link to all my Spanish Tinycards, IchigoSG. https://tinycards.duolingo.com/collections/2RL6iBPb/espanol-1-con-madame-sensei

I am unable to put them in a particular order, so you will have to scroll through to find ones that would be at your sister's level. (The easiest ones will be los numeros, los colores, un/una/los/las, and basic conjugation of ser, estar, tener, hacer...)

For anyone who wants French Tinycards:


And Japanese:


I hope these help people! We've all got to pull together.


The app needs to have assignment notifications and clear indication when an assignment is completed.

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