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Duolingo and Forum FAQ

Duolingo and Forum FAQ

The following FAQ serves as an informative hub for the Duolingo community.

We have a helpful community of language learners; however, we encourage everyone to use this post, as well as our search function, and the Duolingo Help Center to find the answers of their questions before making a new post.

Frequently Asked Questions


Reporting Issues

Global Ambassador FAQs

League/Leaderboard FAQ

What are Leagues?

How does Duolingo handle League Abuse? - by SeanColombo

Tips For Posting

Community members are encouraged to interact on the Duolingo forums as long as the content posted falls within our Community Guidelines.

In addition to the general forum rules, we’d like to provide some tips that will help keep our community a respectful and safe environment.

  • Report abuse: Please report and downvote guideline violations when you see them, without engaging the user in the thread.

  • Do not “junior mod”: Leave moderation to the mod team and forum staff. Telling a user that you’ll report them or encouraging others to downvote is bullying, and can be met with a warning.

  • Do not use the forums as a chatroom: Keep forum threads and comments from being a stream of consciousness posting that will clutter discussions.

  • Do not share personal details: This includes phone numbers, age, and email addresses. Social media handles are allowed.

  • Post threads in their appropriate forum: Threads that aren’t posted in the correct forum will receive a request to move the thread.

I’d like to thank usagiboy7 for the previous FAQ, that can be found here.

We encourage you to share this post link in replies that could benefit from the information listed here. If there are new posts in the future that stumble upon and you think should be added to this post, comment on them to let an admin or moderator know. Happy learning!

March 24, 2020



Thank you Kevin for this FAQ, this will greatly help the community, and make moderating easier!!

Thanks as well to the other GAs for creating the posts linked in the FAQ!

This community is amazing :)



Indeed thank you!


Super update!

Could you please include dakanga's [GUIDE] Find a Discussion forum/board/list


Agreed! Awesome update!! Thanks!


What does FAQ stand for???


Frequently asked questions.


frequently asked questions


frequently asked questions


Have you tried looking it up?


Current DailyDuo OPEN THREAD Finder:

This post with Duolingo vocabulary (lingo/glossary) is a work in progress but turning out to be great too:

Thanks for adding some clarity to the forums. :)


Could the forum administrators emphasize / enforce this rule?

"Do not use the forums as a chatroom: Keep forum threads and comments from being a stream of consciousness posting that will clutter discussions."

I can only speak with personal experience within the Russian forum, although I'm sure this is a common problem amongst various forums, but I've noticed an increased frequency in answers that aren't helpful (i.e. jokes, silly comments, etc.) being upvoted / given Lingots when they serve little to no educational value. I understand that the sentences provided by Duolingo can be funny or strange, often depending on the user's native language, however I think it would be more helpful overall if there was an easier way to parse through these answers.

For example, this thread:


The question is for the phrase "Good afternoon, does the brother have a cat?", in which the top comment reads "Uhm seems like a code question used by a drug dealer", which is given 4 Lingots and 60 upvotes. While people may find this entertaining, it serves little to no educational value and can be frustrating when users have difficulty understanding a grammatical issue, especially when encountered frequently. I'm not asking that we remove jokes and silly comments entirely, that's part of what makes the forums so interesting. My request is that moderators keep relevant comments in check, and that the priority be language learning. I wouldn't have any problem with silly / funny comments, as long as the most helpful / relevant ones are shown first. I understand this doesn't just fall upon moderators, but learners of Duolingo as well, as we all make up the contents of the threads.

If my question deserves to be more localized to my specific language moderators and this isn't something other users experience more broadly, please let me know!


Silly and funny comments are often prompted by silly and funny sentences. You get what you ask for.


Thank you for this list of resources! I'm sure they'll be very helpful to the many newcomers to this forum :)


I would also recommend once you finish reading this post to read the one by usagiboy7, which is also very helpful!

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