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Duolingo and Forum FAQ

Duolingo and Forum FAQ

The following FAQ serves as an informative hub for the Duolingo community.

We have a helpful community of language learners; however, we encourage everyone to use this post, as well as our search function, and the Duolingo Help Center to find the answers of their questions before making a new post.

Frequently Asked Questions


Duolingo Guideline Clarifications and Forum Norms

Reporting Issues

Global Ambassador FAQs

League/Leaderboard FAQ

What are Leagues?

Tips For Posting

Community members are encouraged to interact on the Duolingo forums as long as the content posted falls within our Community Guidelines.

In addition to the general forum rules, we’d like to provide some tips that will help keep our community a respectful and safe environment.

  • Report abuse: Please report and downvote guideline violations when you see them, without engaging the user in the thread.

  • Do not “junior mod”: Leave moderation to the mod team and forum staff. Telling a user that you’ll report them or encouraging others to downvote is bullying, and can be met with a warning.

  • Do not use the forums as a chatroom: Keep forum threads and comments from being a stream of consciousness posting that will clutter discussions.

  • Off-topic posts are allowed in General forums: Posts do not have to strictly on language on the Duolingo for English speakers forum; however, language direction forums (Language A for Language B speakers) require that all posts be on the topic or language or culture. Additionally, off-topic posts aren't allowed on the Educators and Troubleshooting forums.

  • Do not share personal details: This includes phone numbers, age, and email addresses. Social media handles are allowed.

  • Post threads in their appropriate forum: Threads that aren’t posted in the correct forum will receive a request to move the thread.

I’d like to thank usagiboy7 for the previous FAQ, that can be found here.

We encourage you to share this post link in replies that could benefit from the information listed here. If there are new posts in the future that stumble upon and you think should be added to this post, comment on them to let an admin or moderator know. Happy learning!

March 24, 2020

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Current DailyDuo OPEN THREAD Finder:

This post with Duolingo vocabulary (lingo/glossary) is a work in progress but turning out to be great too:

Thanks for adding some clarity to the forums. :)


Could the forum administrators emphasize / enforce this rule?

"Do not use the forums as a chatroom: Keep forum threads and comments from being a stream of consciousness posting that will clutter discussions."

I can only speak with personal experience within the Russian forum, although I'm sure this is a common problem amongst various forums, but I've noticed an increased frequency in answers that aren't helpful (i.e. jokes, silly comments, etc.) being upvoted / given Lingots when they serve little to no educational value. I understand that the sentences provided by Duolingo can be funny or strange, often depending on the user's native language, however I think it would be more helpful overall if there was an easier way to parse through these answers.

For example, this thread:


The question is for the phrase "Good afternoon, does the brother have a cat?", in which the top comment reads "Uhm seems like a code question used by a drug dealer", which is given 4 Lingots and 60 upvotes. While people may find this entertaining, it serves little to no educational value and can be frustrating when users have difficulty understanding a grammatical issue, especially when encountered frequently. I'm not asking that we remove jokes and silly comments entirely, that's part of what makes the forums so interesting. My request is that moderators keep relevant comments in check, and that the priority be language learning. I wouldn't have any problem with silly / funny comments, as long as the most helpful / relevant ones are shown first. I understand this doesn't just fall upon moderators, but learners of Duolingo as well, as we all make up the contents of the threads.

If my question deserves to be more localized to my specific language moderators and this isn't something other users experience more broadly, please let me know!


I get your frustration, but the humor helps me in the long journey up the tree.


Plus, especially in the year of our owl 2020, I'll take a laugh wherever I happen to find one


I agree with you. But I think it's hopeless to try to do something about it. Because you have to remember that people who socialize on the internet are severely lacking in real-world social interaction, so they need an outlet to draw attention away from the topic toward themselves.


you should totally bring this information toward everyone else learning here!


Thank you for this list of resources! I'm sure they'll be very helpful to the many newcomers to this forum :)


I would also recommend once you finish reading this post to read the one by usagiboy7, which is also very helpful!


Thanks for sharing, Kevin.

Do not share personal details: This includes phone numbers, age, and email addresses.

Question: How does this relate to information that may not reveal an exact age, but can be used to infer that someone is a minor? For example, the fact that they go to school or are home-schooled, or the fact that they have a profile picture that clearly shows the user is underage?

And how does staff feel about users, especially minors, sharing their religion (or lack thereof), an especially sensitive piece of personal information? Many users include this information in their profiles, and some will seize any opportunity on the forums to talk about how much they love their god (story contests are regularly used to spread stories about Jesus, for example). I personally think it's completely unnecessary to bring up religion (and politics) on a language-learning platform, but I also don't think these users appreciate how sensitive this information is, especially in combination with a real name or a photo.


What about birthdays?


I don't think profile pics really mean anything. They could be of your child, parent, pet, random object, anything. I mean, my profile pic is a goat because I like goats - and I'm obviously not a goat. lol :-D


well somethings just aren't meant to be told really and pop is different everyone sees it so they know if they see your face or a random photo of idk a Disney character or something,


Another reason not to write “stream of consciousness” comments: if you write one of these posts as a reply to someone else’s post, anyone who gets email notifications for comments will get an email to say that you just commented whatever nonsense you probably just wrote, and there is a good chance they won’t necessarily be happy about it. Somehow I once made this mistake when I was making a complaint about stream-of-consciousness posts to the point at which my own comment was a stream-of-consciousness post. Not my finest work...


I would like to add this link: How to create a good forum topic. https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/32217562


They say social media handles are allowed, but a while back a friend of mine was contacted by a Duolingo fourm moderator to remove her social media handle from her profile, and was also one of the reasons she got banned from the fourms and no longer speaks here. She deleted her account over the whole issue too. So has the policy changed since then or has it always been the policy that Social Media handles are allowed to be shared?? I am so confused now and any and all support is apprechiated!!


This isn't a change in the rules. If it's Whatsapp related, we don't allow that as it's basically the user's phone number being shared.


*the previous FAQ, which can be found here.

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This covers a lot. You should add a "What does _ mean?" link to a little glossary for defining duolingo terms like "tree" and "golden owl." These are the subject of frequently repeated questions.

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Good one - that would do it!


Under "Tips for Posting" could you add:

Read the existing posts before sending a question or complaint that has been already been asked and answered many times.


Junior mod/ mini modding rules https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/45075323

Please do not post thread topics that:

<pre>Repost the community guidelines Share rules that do not exist on the Duolingo forum Tell users what they can/cannot do on the forum Complain about the downvote system </pre>

Threads that are posted in an attempt to mini-mod on the forum will be deleted and the original poster warned for their behavior. Leave moderation to forum moderators


Hi everyone,

Where can I suggest improvements for Duolingo?


That would be the general Duolingo in English forum.
There is no guaranty that a staff member will read the post, though they often do (even if they usually don't leave a comment). There may also be (from time to time) a post by a Duolingo employee (admin) that will call for ideas. Here's one from a few months ago:
Which forum features would you like to see included on Duolingo?

When in doubt where a post belongs:
[Guide] In which forum should I post my discussion?

If you need an answer you can't find on the forum, and would like to ask a Mod:
Current DailyDuo OPEN Thread Finder - a Moderator run post where you can get answers from Mods and experienced users that have patience for any question.


Hi there.

Feel free to create a thread on the forum with a suggested improvement or feedback. I typically share the thoughts of the forum community.


Super update!

Could you please include dakanga's [GUIDE] Find a Discussion forum/board/list


Hello to all Duolingo friends and fellow users! I just have a suggestion here that I would like to propose to you all as well as the Duolingo staff and Mods. I personally very much preferred it when we had the option to see our Duolingo friends XP for that month/week rather then always stuck on All Time XP. I would greatly appreciate it if Duolingo gave us that option again.

Thank you so much and have a great day!


Thank you Kevin for this FAQ, this will greatly help the community, and make moderating easier!!

Thanks as well to the other GAs for creating the posts linked in the FAQ!

This community is amazing :)



Thank you for sharing this Kevin! Very helpful!


I "Followed" this topic because I thought it was important to keep track of. (I'm just going through removing things I no longer need to follow)... but I found that my original suggestion is gone, and read that "a million comments were deleted". I don't know if mine got caught in the crossfire of another's comment and went down with it - but I'll repost my suggestion because I think it's important.

I would like to see a better blocking system in place. I believe that any forum that allows interaction between people, it is necessary to fully block someone if they are at odds.

I understand you encourage just reporting folks who are making sideways comments, but you have to understand that there are plain and simple personality clashes here where someone is just not nice to someone else and it is a distraction. Putting a block in place reduces the babysitting of reporting that mods/admin would have to deal with.

Kevin, I've personally reported some users here who have salty personalities, if not to just me than to others - yet I see that they can play around on the forum without repercussions because, well, they're still here. There is no reason why I should have to look at them at all, meaning their profile or comments.

There is a system on other boards that if someone is blocked, they cannot even vote on your topics/comments. This is a beneficial feature to reduce downvote abuse.

If enough people block someone, it's sort of like another shade of a shadow-ban. They can't really be seen unless it's by those who tolerate them. It may also save some brewing backlash toward these types of people, who if they just keep blocked, can't make a comment to risk a comment-deletion of their own.

Anyway, I hope something like this can be implemented. I know I'm not alone when I say some people are better off being unseen. They may not be outright breaking the rules, but their demeanor can be upsetting or annoying.

I hope it can be considered. I know people would love you for it!


Maybe you should add a chat forum? Possibly later when Duo grows and you can afford to hire moderators for said chat. There, users can talk in different languages to apply what they learned in different designated chats, find new friends, and maybe give study tips. If there are any users being mean enforce a 3 strike rule to ward off trolls. Like I said, it may be an idea to set aside for when Duo grows as it would not only take a butt load of time to make but a huge staff to manage as well.


I wish there was an option on my French course to alter the percentages of components - for example, I need more experience of translating what I want to say in to French. This ideallly could be done by an exercise that asks me orally in English : how do you say ... In French? Then I wiuld be required to both say it, and type it in French. Thank you for your consideration of this suggestion. I think Duolingo is great by the way. Dr Brian Apter Educational Psychologist


We need to be able to disable automatic renewal.


I would LOVE to be able to block a user and hide all of their posts in the forum. There is one user in particular in the Japanese forum that only ever complains. Anytime a lesson is marginally difficult, I can count on seeing him crying, even swearing in the comments. This ain't Twitter, man. The forum is a place to seek help from the many volunteers that contribute their time and energy.

I just want to be able to mute this guy and a few others who do nothing to contribute and just constantly fill the discussion forum with their whining like entitled brats.


Feel free to report them if they break the guidelines. Then the staff/MODs are notified.

Guten Tag!
~ M'n'J
Abj callaha ye ivhej.


I have just received your 5yr Duoversary card, and I would like to tall you that this gave me much pleasure. This also gives me the opportunity to say a big thank you to all of you for providing such a wonderful free opportunity to anyone, world wide, if they wish to take it. It has certainly been of great value to me.


What is the deal about not giving refunds if you are a plus member. I recently had my subscription renewed automatically and I didn’t want to continue.


If you didn't want to continue, you should have canceled it any time before the next payment: profile pic -> Settings -> Duolingo Plus. The date of the next due payment is right there, too, just under the cancel subscription option. Once cancelled you would still have PLUS till the expiry date, but it would not continue beyond.


Not helpful. It is a voluntary purchase but when renewed automatically, something you set a year earlier you ought to be notified and decide whether to continue or not. If I had caught it in time and understood that there was no refund j would have stopped payment. I can use the program for free but now I feel that another program would be better suited for me. It is not a money issue it is an integrity issue.


I am only bringing this to the forefront because I am sure I am not the only one that has encountered this situation. I want other s to view and change there options so it is not automatically renewed without the possibility of a refund. What good is a program that you can continue to use if you don’t want to.


It is a general mode of operations these days: 'act if you don't want it anymore' (= if you don't do anything we will charge you again). It is a cruel, but true reality and Duolingo is just one of many.

Hope you have canceled it now, so you don't get to the same point in a year time yet again...


Thanks, I have canceled and my sole purpose here is to make people aware who are Plus members that Duolingo operates this way. In some small way, I may save some one from the same fate. Again, it is not the money, it is rewarding companies that behave this way that I object to.


Hi - I have two questions that I wanted to add to a specific subtopic, but it's locked so I guess I should post them here instead: 1) A language I want to learn is currently in the incubator at a very early stage. Is there some way to get notified as it progresses? (If there is, I couldn't find it.) 2) I don't speak the language I want to learn (obviously). Is there still some way I can contribute to the course?


Is your Portuguese Course based on Brazilian Portuguese, or European Portuguese?


Duo's Portuguese Course contributers write:

Portuguese is spoken by 240 million people […] On Duolingo, we'll teach you Brazilian Portuguese, but you'll also be understood in Portugal.

(You will have seen that page—at least briefly—when you joined the Portuguese course. Also, the Brazilian flag as a symbol for the language is a bit of a giveaway ;-) )

To be quite certain: ~20 minutes ago I asked a Brazilian German about the difference between Brazilian and European Portuguese, who says they're basically related dialects, in the way that UK and US English differ (often an issue for me on Duo, as I grew up in the UK).


Brazilian Portuguese.


Is there any way i can learn English in English language?


No you can't. You can however learn English from a number of languages or learn other languages from English. Duolingo does no offer an English class for English speakers. Happy learning!


I'm fairly sure you can answer this. What new languages will be added to Duolingo incubator, or which do you think will be added?


I've heard Yiddish and Haitian Creole are coming out pretty soon.


What search function? I've looked for one without success.


How to find the search when using a computer: Link
How to find the search on mobile: Link


On the mobile web version (android) it's right next to your profile icon, just left of it.


This has probably been answered but I can’t find it...how do I ask a question or leave a comment in the "Discuss" section of each lesson? Thanks....


If you are on the iPad app (or maybe another device app) you can't. I have to use my computer or the browser and be on the website in order to leave comments.

When you are on a browser like Chrome, Safari, etc, you will see a button under the sentence that says "DISCUSS". Just click on it and you will go the discussion and see a field that you can post in.


unrelated post but i love ur profile pic ( at least, if u know it is from my hero academia. If you just found it online then ignore this)


No worries. I'm a fan of the anime. Thanks! :)


Can a guide FAQ entry be added for how to post suggestions?


this is an amazing setup


Are there exercises after 5 in English into Italian


Thank you so much for this information


I am just very confused on how I find threads to look back to. I see people commenting on other threads with links to forums, but how do they find them? Do they just scroll down for ages to find it?


you can use the search button or just add it to your followed discussions!

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