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  5. "an t-slige mhòr"

"an t-slige mhòr"

Translation:the big shell

March 24, 2020



Why does she not pronounce the s?


The same reason why there’s no /s/ pronounced in an t-sùil gheal – it historically was lenited to /h/ and then disappeared, but instead the old /t/ of the article is visible here.

I’ve also written about it in the discussion below an t-slige ghorm.

In general, always when you see a word starting with t-s… in Gaelic, the s is not pronounced, it’s replaced by the t.


I thought I was on the right track thinking after the t- was an "s" - what completely throws me off is the "r" sound after the "t" sound - it sounds like an t-reeka. Very confusing, is this normal?


That is exactly what I heard.


The positive comment for an incorrect answer is inappropriate. The answer does not give the Gaelic.

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