I'm using Rosetta Stone, Duolingo, and Memrise to learn Spanish. Is that overkill? I really want to be good at Spanish, maybe b1 level. B2 if I could, that would be awesome.

March 25, 2020


If you are determined, don't stop! Keep going. It's a real gift to be able to do that. Don't stop until you're satisfied!

No that's not overkill at all. I use a couple of youtube channels, memrise, tinycards, forvo and duolingo for Czech and Japanese.

I guess you just do what you feel comfortable with, and what you feel is realistic. "Overkill" is a different amount for everyone :-)

No I don't think it's overkill. Each has its benefits; I mix Duo with Memrise and Bsuu and I learn a lot from all of them. Best to you.

Yes true. Duolingo is good for reading and maybe writing. Rosetta knocks it into your head and speaking skills. Memrise is also a good drill and kill memory base.

You may find the following YouTube video of interest:
Learning Spanish - Pimsleur, Italki, LingQ, and Memrise

I also used Rosetta Stone, Duolingo and Memrise, so I don't think it's overkill. The resource that helped me the most with speaking and listening skills was Pimsleur. The other apps are better at teaching reading and writing skills.

No, it's not! As long as YOU don't feel too much pressure or stress, doing all those is completely fine! As for me, I take private Spanish lessons, use Memrise, and use, and, of course, Duolingo, which is not overkill for me. It is completely up to how YOU feel. Good luck reaching your goal! :)

Not overkill - but I'm still not sure you can make even B1 with just apps.

Ok thanks, that's something to consider

No, doing lots of different things to learn is really good! I also use Rosetta Stone. Keep it up :)

The more tools you have the better your craft. With more exposure comes more absorption. You should be able to see if you are progressing and what you feel is helping the most after time. Keep it up and keep looking for new and interesting ways to gain more experience.

You will learn something from everything!

WOW! Thats a lot! But there's no such thing as learning too much Spanish! Good luck!

The faster you get to some intermediate level of understanding/speaking, the faster you'll be able to consume Spanish medias. From podcasts, news and forums, to TV shows and such. This is really what you want your goal to be set to because your skills will skyrocket. The fact that you have the convictions to use so many apps at the same time is not only great, but really encouraging for your success. Keep at it, feel free to take some breaks in the long-term, but never quit !

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