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Traducción del latin al español Traduction in Latin to espanish

Estoy realizando unas ilustraciones para un trabajo en conjunto y necesitamos ayuda para la traducción de un escrito en latin la frase es: "Tactum aureum singulis vicibus" no estamos claros si la traducción al español es correcta la idea es que diga algo aproximado a "Todo lo que toco se convierte en oro" . Cualquier ayuda es buena, gracias.

I am doing some illustrations for a joint work and we need help for the translation of a Latin writing. The phrase is: "Tactum aureum singulis vicibus" we are not clear if the Spanish translation is correct the idea is that it says something approximate to "All what I touch turns to gold ". Any help is good, thanks.

March 25, 2020



I am sorry that no one wiser than I responded to your post. You pose a difficult question. I suggest you repost it with the headline in English instead of Spanish. Or you could just use what you have. There are few Romans still around to contest your translation. However, I am curious to know what it says. So if you find out, please post that info. I spent some time researching the phrase with no firm results. I wonder why there is no clear verb, and I also would like to see some context. And vicis has abundant definitions in English. I am confident that some of the Latin experts on this list will reply.

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