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"Look, Iain! You do not have trousers on!"

Translation:Seall, Iain! Chan eil briogais ort!

March 25, 2020



I hope he at least has underpants on!


Well judging from these translations nobody is wearing anything except for hats


What is the difference between orm and ort?


orm and ort are what are called prepositional pronouns, and they're an important part of Gaelic grammar. A prepositional pronoun is an amalgamation of a preposition and a pronoun - so here orm is a combination of air (on) + mi (me), and ort is a combination of air (on) + thu (you). It's the same idea with agam - aig (at) +mi, agad - aig (at) + thu. Duolingo gradually introduces you to the full range of air+ and aig+ combos, and there are full sets of prepositional pronouns for all the prepositions - you will gradually start to see patterns.

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