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Skills locked

I assigned a skill for my students on Monday (they are English speakers learning Spanish) and they say it's locked for them. They are all in my class, I've been assigning skills since August, and I have not had this problem. What should I tell me students to do? Thanks!

March 25, 2020



Obviously I do not know where your students are at, but...

We have to click on the castle (rook, turret) to take a mini-test to unlock the next section:



That's so weird, because I've assigned skills in level 3 and they've been able to do them without having to take the test. I was told previously that if we assigned a skill in a locked level, they would be able to complete JUST the assigned skill.


Generally, all around is gray and the skill you assign will be purple. I will report this bug for you. It might be as Scutigera says, if it is beyond the castle it may be locked. (Which would make sense, both for Duo's data-gathering necessity, and the fact that the skill may appear to be too far above the ability of a normal student working his way through the tree.

Hang tight, I will see what I can find out.


I am a student learning Spanish on my own, and I have almost the same problem. I Cannon unlock niveau 7 even though I have passed the test and have got XP’s for that and for having all my skills in the course to level 1. After that I only got a happy golden Duo and level 7 ( which was grey before)!has disappeared. What can I do to unlock castle 7 ....


I'll see if I can replicate this in my classroom so I can report it to the devs.

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