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  5. "I am teaching right now."

"I am teaching right now."

Translation:Tha mi a' teagasg an-dràsta fhèin.

March 25, 2020



I had "I am teaching right now" as a "Mark the correct meaning" question. The three options were:

  1. Tha mi a' còcaireachd an-dràsta.
  2. Tha mi a' teagaisg an-dràsta fhèin.
  3. Tha sibh a' teagasg an-dràsta fhèin.

The best option seemed to be 2, but isn't teagaisg the verb, whereas this sentence should require the verbal noun teagasg, or can teagaisg also be used as a verbal noun?


Did you report that? Seems like a typo in the exercise to me. All the dictionaries I have access to give teagasg as the nominative verbal noun.

(Maybe there is some variation in dialects and some people use teagaisg as a verbal noun, but even if so, Duolingo teaches a kind of most common standardized language and since all the dictionaries give teagasg as the verbal noun, I think this should be corrected.)


My version of this question was to write the response in Gaelic, and gave me the tiles. I selected the only 'teaching' tile that was provided, which was 'teagaisg' rather than 'teagasg', and I was marked with a typo, but still a correct answer. I did report this as 'something else went wrong'.


I've now had this as a "Write this in Scottish Gaelic" question, and, as you found, using the tiles, teagaisg rather than teagasg is provided. I was told "You have a typo" with the correct answer being given as "Tha mi a' teagasg an dràsta ." I've also reported this as "Something else went wrong."

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