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  5. I know this is a bit abrupt.


I know this is a bit abrupt.

So yesterday I was thinking about it and I've decided to leave the forum. It sounds like another give me attention post but I'm really serios. I was thinking and learning Spanish felt kind of dry I was getting board and I had to force myself to do a single lesson and I wasn't really learning. So after thinking on it for a while I realized, it's probably the forum. I mean, I love it and all the comunaty is great (for the most part) but it's hindering my learning. Every day I would open up duolingo, go stright to the forum read for 20 or 30 minutes rush through a story and come back to the forum. So I decided to leave I'm here to learn and don't get me wrong, stories and the forum are great resources, but used wrong they can just hinder your learning. I may come back one day, but for now I'm leaving. Thank you all for being so nice and making this such a great place, it was great getting to know a lot of you.


March 25, 2020



we'll miss you! :)

Good luck with everything.


We'll miss you!

I hope you will be able to do your languages properly now. Bye! ~ Horsey-Girl


Horsey-Girl, your comment is very true XD


Thank you. (^_^)


Adios! Hope this improves your learning!


¡Adios, Nate! ¡Hasta luego, or whenever you return!


Hey Daniel, hope you're having a good day. Hope to see you again soon :)


¡Gracias, tengo un día bien tambíen!


Fantastico! Hasta luego. :)


Thanks for being a big helper to the duolingo community. Have a good time from some of the madness that goes on around here. Bye and thanks for letting us know. ;)


Good luck learning Spanish :) I'm glad you made your own decision to focus on the language.

Bye! ~Erin :)


Hey! good seeing you, fellow Christian. :)


Hello to you as well, Gail :)


If you think it's a good idea for the time being then it is. You know yourself that you can come back anytime, maybe when you have something which you particularly want to suggest or ask about.

Good luck. ☺


Au revoir! See you later! Hope we can co-host another contest sometime!


Best XP contest ever! Thank you so much to you and Nate and everyone! So many great people I met online through that contest.

Nate, you will be missed, but I want what's best for you. I understand completely the draw of the Forum, and maybe you have already done it all here, and it is time for a break.

Jack, I am glad you are still here to carry on, in between so many languages to study! Bye, Nate, until we may see you again here, please accept our "King of the Forum" award today from all who will miss you.Duo38


in between so many languages to study!

The only ones I actually study are French, Latin, Klingon, and Italian. The rest are just for when I get bored or in a xp competition(which I may post one soon).


You are actually learning Klingon!? How's it going? It seems to me it would be pretty hard...


Slow. It's very hard. I only remeber one sentance that means are you crazy?


Lol! Well, ya never know when you need to ask that. I use it all the time...;)


Bye! I hope you have an awesome learning experience. We will miss you. See you again someday. ~Athena


Adios, Doei, ĝis, ahoj, γεια, להתראות, じゃあ!


I am still so jealous in the best way possible about all your languages Silmarillion333. ;)


Ja, ja, ja. I can't finish Japanese, Korean, Hebrew, Arabic, or Chinese. They're too hard.


Do you find Arabic hard?


I guess it is hard if you didn't grow up with it.

You are learning a lot of languages anyway!


So am I!

Bye, Tschüss, Au revoir, Adios, Merhaba, السلام عليكم , السلام عليكم,

(English, German, French, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic & Urdu)


The language of Pakistan, Lol.

(My mom is from Pakistan that's how I know Urdu)


I'll have a look at your story contest. x


Okay. You can also do poems.



Best wishes! I actually think that I spend a lot of time on the forum also... I'm not sure if I'd take a break though. It's your choice. Actually, I am taking a break now, so. Good luck and happy learning to all of you!



We'll miss you! Thank you for your thoughtful post and good luck with your languages!


Nateawesome, I get your point! I struggle with that also. The only reason I don't do it as much is because I'm trying to balance work and my family. This is seriously my fourth of fifth time to open Duolingo this year. Sad but true :( Best wishes/SbC


Now or if you return to the forums: the way to get in as much practice as you have scheduled is to NOT visit the forums until you have finished studying. Don't even open up a tab for forums until you have studied.


Good point, although in my case I tend to ask questions here...or try to answer them...mostly.


Do you want to know what's so great in my eyes about these forums, Nate? The opportunities they provide to practice what I have learned by helping other people who post comments in the language I'm studying. They'll ask questions about English as they type out there posts in Spanish, & I finally get to test out my reading & writing skills &; test my brain's ability to try to answer with what I'm trying to convey.

For me, it's both challenging & rewarding. Not to mention totally worth it! Happy studies Nate. See ya around buddy.


We'll all miss you. Hope you can come back when you feel it doesn't hinder your learning anymore. Good luck. Bye(for now, I hope).


¡Hasta luego! We'll miss ya.


This is very true, the forums and league's really do hinder learning. You can post and get some help, but it's rarer than it should be to find someone who will help. I have quit the league's and am also planning g to quit the forums for the most part soon. Apart from facts and a dual language help it is rather a waste of time.


As a compromise, why not make a rule for yourself that you only visit the forum once a week?

Then it would be like a little treat after a week of learning.


Ah! Hamiltion! I love your profile picture!


That's sad! Have fun with life ^u^


I always enjoy seeing your posts, and it will be sad to see you go, but, I hope you are successful in learning what you want to, without being distracted by the forums! :)


Good luck! We'll miss you!


I’ve been thinking about doing that myself...


"Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!" (Godfather III) Nate, I'll believe it when I see it. So no goodbye, just...


Well many of the people who make these post always come back, and I might but I don't intend to for a while.


Man, a Godfather quote! I love it. Having said thst, number three was a bit lacking but great quote nonetheless. Just saw where the famous Lake Tahoe house is for sale too? Just a few million short but what a location.

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