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  5. "Dear me, poor Donald!"

"Dear me, poor Donald!"

Translation:Mo chreach, Dòmhnall bochd!

March 25, 2020



I answered "Òbh òbh, Dòmhnall bochd!" and was told to "Pay attention to the accents" with the correct answer being given as "Obh obh, Dòmhnall bochd!" I'm sure elsewhere we've had òbh òbh (with accents over the letter o), so which is correct, or are the accents optional?


You won't be marked wrong for the accents, but without is better. We've changed it in the next update :)


I had the same issue. I had two "oh dear" sentences one after the other. One said "òbh òbh" was the correct spelling and one said "obh obh" was.


We've removed the accents in Tree 2, so for the time being you will get those messages as the two trees are linked. Once we release Tree 2 it'll be fixed :)


And typing will be SO much easier. Capital o with an accent was not my favorite letter to type. . .


I really wish you'd get the accents right from the start. After MONTHS of learning words with accents, to suddenly have to re-learn them without is frustrating and hurts the learning process.


Why is it that Donald is always poor? Lol


Could this also use the vocative, if it is directed directly at Donald (as in "Oh dear, poor you!")

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