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Learning English from French!

I just noticed that this option has been added. Thanks, Duolingo!

Also, I have a question: I'm only halfway through the French course, so would it be advisable for me to do both simultaneously?

May 3, 2013



What is your native language? I'm a little confused with the fact that you learn French through English and now want to learn English through French.


Filipino/Tagalog, though I learned English first, and I'm exposed to both languages every day.

By the way, I noticed you have a 94-day streak. That's amazing! Congratulations on that. I find it rather motivating to see.


Also, this can be a great reward to be sure that you understand the language you learnt. Learning from the courses from the language itself (say French) skip a lot of things such as the english pronunciation or some english expressions. Even for someone whose English is the mother tongue there can still be things they weren't wary about or simply that they forgot.

I'm learning Portuguese mainly and after reaching the level 10, I tried to do the other way around, and guess what, it was harder than I thought!


Hey! I am learning French from English and my native language is English What about others? I know a little bit of Filipino also. A family friend of ours, who I consider a sister, is from the Philippians. What part of the Philippians are your from micabhlu?


Sorry, I didn't see this reply! I'm near Manila. (:


*Philippines = Las Islas Filipinas/Les Iles du Philipin


It is useful to do French - English even if you are learning French. You still get practice typing in both languages, different lessons and you can translate articles into French - if you dare.

I'm learning French btw, not English!

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