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Me doing a Duolingo lesson—on the air

Hi everyone, how are you holding up?

We at Duolingo have been self-isolating, and hope everyone is staying safe and doing okay, wherever you are. I realized I missed my colleagues at Duolingo and know a lot of people could really use some company right now. Since we already have a Twitch channel, I decided to put it to use and share me going through a couple of Swedish lessons in my quest to get that tree up to level 3. If this is something that some of you enjoy, let me know and I can do more. I am currently thinking of bringing other staff members in to talk about things they have done on Duolingo as well. =]

You can watch the recording here, and "follow" the channel to get live alerts for when we go online again.


If you also want to stream yourself doing Duolingo, or doing something that could help language learners learning your language (cooking in slow Russian? Drawing in slow Japanese?) use the #DuoTogether hashtag and let us know, I'll compile this somewhere. We can all use some fun experiences with language learning while waiting for this to pass, and to learners, you are all experts in your native languages. <3

March 25, 2020



Whoa! That streak vivisaurus is the "Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything", in palindrome!


That should be a celebration! :)


Your colleagues are going to be so disappointed when they see you're not hovering!


Lol. But she already speaks Swedish.


So she's cheating, too!


To be fair, she's doing it "on the air" and Corona is transmissible through the air, hence the need for a mouth mask. Now she'd just need an anti-virus so her computer can't catch it either 🤔😛. The analogy though 😮.

Jokes aside, gonna have to request Portuguese! I remember that you also already speak Portuguese, from back when the Stories launched - but requesting it none the less.


Thanks for posing Vivasaurus. I might do a video on posting on the Forum.


Im sorry for being off topic but i wanted to say lord im sorry for the argumeant you had to be in, nothing he said is true


Psssh, it's no problem Maxawesome2, I have one about once a month with users like that.


Just makeing sure you are a important user in the forum community


I thank you for your concern.


Ok thank you i really apreciate it very helpfull


Thats a cool idea.

Hope it all goes well!


I do prefer to type too.


Great post Vivisaurus! & Thank you so much for allowing us to contribute by using #DuoTogether & letting you know!



Did you make your own face mask? I'm asking
because I made one too.
(UPDATE - after watching more of the cast, it seems like
that mask might not be a physical mask but a virtual one).

Video: I'm adding one. I do not know the #DuoTogether website,
I went on Google to find it but didn't find it!!

It's under 2.7mb, under 2 minutes & I uploaded it here:

The hosting service will retain this file
for only 14 days starting today, so if you
want it, you need to click on the link before
April 9, 2020.

Instead of downloading it, I've posted it on YouTube
so that might be easier. You can play it live:
YouTube-German 1, Lesson Zero, Module One

I did a second lesson, this one's longer, about 4:20,
I make a mistake in this one!
Duolingo German 002, Module I Lesson 0-02
x x x
Download link for second lesson.

I did a third lesson here, no mistakes, about 2:45,
finished the level here!
Duolingo German 003, Module I Lesson 0-03

x x x
Download link for third lesson.
x x x

Full playlist:
Click here - Youtube playlist
x x x

I posted this in the German Forum too:

Thanks for the great topic.
Keep up the good work.



I'm going to add one to the mix. No audio or visual of me just the tab and me writing words and really wanting to block Duo out.


I'd love to see somebody stream in German.


... love to see somebody stream in German ...

I've just posted three beginning modules,
they're on YouTube:

Links here:
Click here - Youtube playlist



Dang, the website is blocked on my computer.

You stay safe and well!

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