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"Will you marry me?"


March 25, 2020



I received the suggested answer tunay'a'. That made me think about how a Klingon group marriage would work, and all I can say is, it sounds very dangerous.


While that is a possible way to interpret this and thus is listed as an accepted answer, it is supposed to be listed in a way that should prevent users from ever seeing that as a suggested answer. Can you please tell us where you saw that as a suggested answer? What kind of exercises was it? What platform were you using? What did you type as an answer? By any chance do you have a screen shot of it? Thanks for any help you can give us.


I had guessed it showed me that suggestion because I typed mujay'a', which is closer to tu- than cho-. Anyway, it was a "Type the following in Klingon" type question. I'm on the Chrome browser in Windows 10. I don't have a screenshot, sorry. Hope that helps.


It probably didn't show you a suggested answer but a spelling correction, thinking you were trying to spell tunay'a'.

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