"Tomorrow we are going to go to my sister's house."

Translation:Amanhã vamos para a casa da minha irmã.

May 3, 2013

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Is this sentence incorrect: Amanhã vamos à casa da minha irmã.

It was marked incorrect because Duo thinks I should have written "para a casa" or "na casa" but I'm thinking à casa should work too. Any thoughts?

<3 Anne


You're right. Report.


Paulenrique, Thank you! What would I do without you? <3 Anne


May it me 'vamos ir para'?


Yeah... we usually say this way, ex: vou ir ao mercado.


"Vamos + ir" = Going to go? Therefore "Amanhã vamos ir à casa de minha irmã" should make sense?


Alhough it is not wrong, it is considered bad Portuguese (to use "vamos+ir").


And I'd say it is bad English to say "going to go" as well. I got it wrong when using 'vamos ir', but actually I would say that's exactly what the English text says -- I've suggested to cut the last "to go" from the English text to make the sentence ok & be the same in both languages.


Although what you say makes sense I don't think "going to go" should be dismissed from the English language completely. For example "I was going to go but the weather was awful" seems fine to me.


Indeed, you're right, I just feel it's the same awkwardness as "vamos ir" in Portuguese. (In your example, I would probably have said "I was about to go, but the weather was (too) awful", btw.) Neither English nor Portuguese is my mother tongue, so I'm definitely not God here, I just think Duolingo is virtually asking me to write "vamos ir" in PT when they present the "going to go" in the English exercise... :-)


"Going to go" is standard English.


Yes, isolated (like saying "I'm going to leave") I agree that "I'm going to go" is standard and ok, but to say "I'm going to go to my sister's house", which is the case here, is one "go" too much and would better be "I'm going to my sister's house" or "I'll go to my sister's house" or even "I'm about to go to my sister's house".

Well, that's my 5 cents anyway :-)

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