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I had a two hour long conversation with my Norwegian best friend!

You’ll probably think i am lying or something, because i only have a 23 day streak, but i have used plenty of outside resources, such as books, films and series.

The thing is, i would say i am an advanced speaker in Norwegian, because I actually talked to him, without any errors. I just spoke to him without no problem for two hours straight! Like i was a native Norwegian speaker!

Now that i am here on duolingo, i see that the Norwegian tree is possibly the longest tree here on duolingo. So why not “conquer” the Norwegian tree? I am in quarantine, and i have a lot of free time. Plus it also boosts my english vocabulary, because my english is not very good.

It’s been six months when i moved from my home country to Norway. I am still happy to be here in Norway! Such a nice and a fascinating country. The food, the people, everyone is so kind here!

Stay safe folks! :-)

March 25, 2020



Living in a foreign country is the best way to learn a language.

Jeg er glad du klarte å ha en 2 timer lang samtale på norsk med vennen din. Lykke til!


good job!!! I wish that i had a friend or was related to someone who fluently spoke Spanish (Spanish is the language i am learning) that way I could learn Spanish faster.


That's the ultimate test, is actually using the skills with a native speaker and feeling comfortable enough that you just talk together for that long without stopping. That's how you know all of your learning has paid off!


How much languages are you learning??? Like a million???


Norwegian and Swedish and English and Finnish, and speaks German, too.


Nyong are you a native english speaker?,


Awesome! Thats really exciting


Very well done.

You say that your English isn't very good. (It seems perfect to me, by the way). If that means that English is not your first language, then I'm even more impressed. ☺


I wish i could actually have someone to practice my norwegian, dont know where can i find one. Also, good job man!


Where in the country do you live?


Godt jobba - og lykke til med treet! :)


Amazing! That's so cool! (I can't do that yet XD)


Congratulations! I can just barely attempt an e-mail with my Norwegian friend.


Your English is perfect I think, I didn't notice any mistakes. I am a native English speaker, and that was better than I can normally write.


Two hours is quite some time. We'll done!


Would love to go to Norway, on the 'list'. Good job pmp!!


woah! would love to speak spanish the same way in 1-2 years


Well done! I'd love to be able to talk to my friend for that long in my target language!


It's hard to keep up a conversation for two hours straight, even if one knows the language. Great Job! What is your native country/language?


Det er veldig bra. Jeg har ikke snakket norsk med noen ennå, men jeg vil å gjøre det.


Amazing, i hope i could reach that lvl of german my self Well done dude


That is so cool! I wish i had someone that i could practice my Norwegian with, and your English looks great!


Well done, friend! I really want to learn this language soon!


Imponerende! Jeg vil tro det muntlige er det verste på norsk. Så mange ulike dialekter her.


Whoa,that is amazing!I'm sorry your in quaratine


Hi, I'm also in quarantine and learning a new language on Duolingo has been awesome. When your in quarantine all you can do is read, do homework and learn a new language. So this is Willa bye my new friend I'll follow you. :)


So far, during quarantine I have gotten a little better on my latin. Salve, mehdi. Quid mihi et tibi est. Hello, mehdi. How have you been.


You pretty good at English despite what you said! It's also amazing that you learned Norwegian so quickly! I wish you the best!




Omg you get a gold star!.. (red lingot lol)

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