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"juH qach tlhop 'IH law' juH qach 'em 'IH puS."

Translation:The area in front of the house is more beautiful than the area behind the house.

March 26, 2020



How would one refer to the front of the house itself, as distinct from the area in front of the house, as in the actual front facing surface of the house itself?


I might say juH qach 'et the fore of the house. But I believe I have seen this discussion elsewhere with experienced Klingonists having varied opinions about whether that would refer to the entire forward section of the house, and not just the face. Perhaps juH qach 'et Dop the fore side.


For the actual face of the house, I definitely prefer versions with Dop, but I'm fine with either qach 'et Dop or qach tlhop Dop. I feel the first one is clearer. I've heard talented and experienced Klingonists say they were fine without the Dop, but differ on whether they thought tlhop or 'et was more appropriate when you only mean a line and not an area.


I would accept juH qach 'et but not juH qach tlhop as the front surface of the house, with the caveat that knowing it refers to the front surface instead of the front rooms would have to come from context. Using Dop might work, but I'd prefer reD exterior wall for that. juH qach 'et reD the exterior wall of the fore of the house works for me.

I don't like juH qach tlhop Dop, as that seems to say the side of the area in front of the house — for instance, one of the lateral sides of the front yard. It could be interpreted differently, but this is the meaning that jumps out at me.

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