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How you can connect us and make us great through learning

TLDR: If you want to help Learn Through Stories (LTS) initiative, comment here. On this post. Duo18

(TLDR: "Too Long, Didn't Read", Summary )

I went to a funeral today.
In the region we are in, it is being called a "stage 2 lock down".

The funeral was for a very close family member that has left us, due to all the elderly reasons, of why eventually we die. It is a part of life.
As a story.
With a beginning, a middle, and an end.
Only 10 were allowed by the authorities to attend. Duo 40 (While we were thankful that with the level here in my region on that day, that it was allowed that 10 could attend, with strict guidelines.)
Most likely, well into the 100's would have attended a service, if it had been possible.
This loss also weighs on me today, and will always weigh on me.
It is extraordinary times we live in.
If ever there was a call to the way you could make a difference to the world, it is now.

And it is this I hope we will choose to focus on.

I want to highlight how important it is for us to focus on what connects us , and how in this slap of a moment of today, how we can make a difference to the benefit of our own future, and the world of tomorrow. Or to choose to let this global event perpectuate great hardship and havoc for members of our families and community, beyond what ever may have touched you, and me, before.

And part of that is how we learn, of how we choose to act as a community.


I am also involved with a team of people, from different countries around the world, speaking different languages, and learning different languages.

We are creating additional resources, to allow others to learn other languages. Even if it is that they do not have internet access.

It is a part of the "Learn Through Stories" LTS initiative, based on the wonderful stories that Duolingo makes available.

And this is a call out to those of you with proficiency in two languages (or more :P ), or those of you who have wizardry in writing scripts and assisting in data management. And especially including those who are educators, to assist with sharing games we can play, and the ideas of clustering learning concepts and word play.

To create resources, not just for those of us that have "always available internet access". Ultimately to create resources for those that will be benefited the most.

Those with limited to virtually no internet access.

And to allow the resources that Duolingo has provided with its engaging "Duolingo Stories" to be available to a far greater community, at a far greater rate than it is able to keep up with. To communities from any and every language group, to learn the languages Duolingo is making available.

i.e. so that Spanish people can learn French, or Portuguese, German, or English. Even if they have almost no internet access.

And so that minority groups, such as the Navajo first peoples of North America, or the Pitjantjatjara first peoples of Australia, and all the other minority languages, and even major languages, can have resources to start the journey of learning another language. Regardless of limited internet connective.

Especially for the target languages / language you are learning , of :

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Portuguese

Please consider up-voting this post, so others also may have a chance to read this challenge.

Yet most of all, please choose to keep safe. Each one of you. To choose to self isolate, and follow the safety recommendations and seeking accurate information from your respective health care and national authorities while taking the necessary steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

To be controversial, to seek to practice social distancing, including to seek where appropriate to stay home, for us, for you. Where it is practical to do so. And wash your hands - very well and often. And all the other simple and effective recommendations your health care and national authorities are saying. For additional information, check out https://www.who.int/ . And for amusement, for those that want the challenge of reading English, check out : https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/advice-for-public/myth-busters Duo 32 ... n.b. this is seriously good and sound information.

Back to the serious issues. Whatever your age and ability, you can also be part of this. A significant part of this.

  • in the numerous LTS stories, to ask interesting grammar related questions, and to seek to assist to answer the language learning related questions in LTS, and throughout these forums. In a supportive and gentle, and understanding and accepting way.
  • to suggest games one could play with different "grouped words" / "grammar concepts".
  • to create interesting and engaging tiny cards focused on engaging topics and maybe topics also from LTS.

p.s. for Covid-19 / corona virus issues, please check out : https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/37177899

Who makes a difference to the world to make it better ?

In the end, it is you, and me.
We make a difference.

How to do this ?

  • check out LTS , and engage with them. With the individual story posts in your target language.

And importantly :

  • Comment here. Express your interest. And perhaps consider up voting.

  • wash hands often, sing Happy Birthday TWICE while you do, stay apart physically, while also connecting in spirit.

(ps, this is about you, it is about your community. About us - that INCLUDES YOU.
So hoping each ONE of you will choose to engage. For you, and for us.)


March 26, 2020


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The LTS initiative has released, in this last handful of weeks, over 1,000 resources/posts that allow you to access Duolingo stories. And to be able to use them, and download text AND audio, that could allow you to learn another language without internet access.

That you could down load this to your "device", should you have limited internet connectivity, or onto a USB, to share with others, that may not have internet access.

Also this is a tool that could be used by Educators and Guardians, to assist in guiding their charges in activities for language learning through this period.

Be they online, or not able to access the internet.


In one of the posts I saw that LTS have an initiative to translate stories to Italian, and there is hope that DL will release sories in Italian.

I thought I might help with translation to Russian, but since there are no plans for En<>Ru stories so far I quickly become un-excited.

It would nice if a report button and / or forum discussion like for a typical sentence in a lesson, be available for the stories too. In case there are typos, mistakes or meaning is not clear.
Please pass this request to Duolingo staff if you can.

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It is best to make those post via https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/204728264-How-do-I-report-a-bug-

and key to that is also to include a screen post in your report.

ie also check out : https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/31269575

We will get though this. And it is the how, that is what is worth our focus. And also what this post is in its key, that it is about.

Living is all about change. And as never before, it is how we are part of this change, and how we may choose to participate.

Thanks so much AKS-47 for engaging with this discussion.

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Oh - also, I wish to assure you, from my observations, that the Duolingo stories team is VERY active, and that there is ever so much that continues to be changed with Stories, on so MANY fronts.

This is NOT a statement from Duolingo. This is from my observations as a keen watcher and developer of additional resources for Duolingo Stories.


Все эти истории можно перевести на большинство языков за один день. :)

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Это тоже моя мечта :D


Это не мечта. ;) Дуолинго имеет миллионы пользователей, а для перевода достаточно тысячи, а то и сотни на каждый язык. Достаточно предоставить им такую возможность.


I think Duo used to have immersion where it was possible


"but since there are no plans for En<>Ru stories so far I quickly become un-excited" oops pity, thought that it was in progress or at least in plans :( I could help for En<>Ru stories, but don't know where apply)

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Through Duo, I will be in touch with you, on behalf of the TinyDynamicDuo team. Thanks for this offer.

Also be aware, we are, I think, about 2 weeks from gearing up this initiative to take up this kind offer.

I am sorry for this delay.

We are just bedding down some changes to a system we are setting up to do this. And it is getting very close.

And, as with new developments, of course there may be a short delay also in this expected commencement of on boarding new courses. Though we are pushing this as fast as we can.

Thank you for your patience in this regard.

Again, thank you for making the world better.


Hey! Out of topic, but do you think there will be stories in Norwegian? :)


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Not that I have heard of.

Though I, like you, hope that this may also be possible in the foreseeable future.

I have though for you a challenge.

And will hop back here, to give you/others some ..... indications of what this challenge is.

p.s. we already have someone in our TinyDynamicDuo seeking to do this for Italian stories. ;P :

And I soooo support and am behind for assisting where I can for also others, including Norwegian !


nb : sorry I can not find a small Norwegian flag/emoji.

Perhaps someone else could help me with this frivolous/important desire ?


I'm guessing that there are at the moment no plans for Dutch stories for English speakers? If there are, I'd love to help! (Native Dutch, approximately B2 level for English)


Not official ones, but the onofficial ones you can find here

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That is MARVELOUS resource.

Thank you for pointing them out emak02 !


You're welcome :)


Thanks da Kanga! Our border closes at midnight tonight. No one can get in or out, apparently!
My father (not far from you) has had a stroke. There's nothing I can do.
I have to buy mobile data - don't have wifi - very low internet where I live. Hope I can at least continue to ring him.
Living in strange times, aren't we? And how we did take everything for granted!

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Yes, these are times that will be a crucible for our future.

My thoughts are with, and with your family, and wishing and hoping for the best.


decapitated.user, please tell me that your father is doing all right.

It's incredible that we are all hunkered down in our own homes, yet feeling very connected to the entire world. I hope for his speedy recovery.


Hi MadameSensei! Yes, he is on the mend already! They thought he would be there for months of rehabilitation - he could not move his right side at all - but now he'll be out in a week!
Your prayers are very powerful - now you can fix me up too! (Well, gotta grab such an opportunity!).
Thanks everyone for your support.
May infinite blessings rain down upon you All!


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We are so FORTUNATE, to have a person of such great wisdom as yourself in our forums.

Thank you MadameSensei.

And sending deep thoughts of support out to decapitated.user.

Thank you for engaging in our forums.

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Also, to those that have recently commented on an earlier post I did, and I have been in contact with.

I think I still have the links to your offer to help.

Feel free to comment again here.

The TinyDynamicDuo team is probably about two to three weeks away from being able to scale their endeavors to be able to cater for more resources/language pairs. Though progress is being made, and capacity we are hoping to be able to achieved very soon.

However your participation and expression of interest on this post, would be very welcomed.


From the LTS Overview I said I will make Tinycard decks for the stories. I will start that up again(for I have dropped it) and try and find another resources that allows other people to download decks to study offline.


Bounce ideas off of me, JackDunne. Tinycards has been my tech goal for this year and I would love to help you on this.


Will do. Creating a video on how I create the decks(quick and easy[for me at least]).

Edit: https://www.loom.com/share/b01b104e8d504d668f06aa6d447d30d5


Thanks for introducing me to Loom, JackDunne! I hadn't seen that before. And thanks for making the first decks for us! I'll leave all of this type of deck to you so that we don't duplicate our efforts.

As you come across ideas for "This would be a good grammar point to work on," shout out to me. I have been experimenting with doing a lot of "drill down" practice using Tinycards.

Thank you for all that you are doing! It's nice collaborating on a team.


If you are trying to make a tinycard deck from a table on a post then once you put it into a(in my case) Google Sheets you can copy and paste whatever's in that Sheet directly into Tinycards. Instead of typing up every single flashcard.

Edit: Here's the video.



- to suggest games one could play with different "grouped words" / "grammar concepts".

How about a phrase connector "game"/exercise (Italian)? I'm hoping this would help get Duo to A2/B1 status.

Using words similar to ones seen in this video:

The screen as it is now should have enough room for two or three sentences. I'd say leave blanks where the connectors should be. Start off with one connector, of course, and then possibly work to three.

Since the sentences are taking up all the room there won't be room for word bubbles. Instead, offer drop down lists of hints/possible answers at each blank space. Allow for multiple possible answers, and inform us directly in the "Tips" section of this game beforehand so users are well aware there can be more than one correct answer. This way, we can start to learn connecting phrases, or "sentence fragments" as MS Word would call them, and also develop flexible thinking.

The hardest levels will have NO hints, which would make programming much easier at that point.

If possible, we could get lengthier questions, say about 2 screen lengths. But I'm not sure how difficult it is to implement scrolling into this current setup.


"Whatever your age and ability, you can also be part of this. A significant part of this."

Interestingly, I tried to post something about helping on any level and it was minus'd to oblivion and people sending me contributor links which is NOT what I was asking.

Hopefully you understand better! So, how can we contribute if we are NOT fluent in multiple languages, but we just want to help increase content (at the very least in our target language) in some way?? For example, are there lower level, simpler tasks that Duo could offload onto many people, something like that, just to speed up their content adding processes?

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Great question ! Sorry for delay in response. And that I am not adequately responding just at the moment.

You are though RIGHT on topic. Which is also why I am giving you a small cluster of lingots.

Also, world, please know the floor is also open to you to respond to this question. I have a small basket full of ideas I am looking forward to sharing. Though I have NO doubt that there are many more than the limited few in my little basket. 🧺 I would love others to also take the lead. (I am just pre-occupied also at the moment with some other things behind the scenes. I will though be back. Sorry for this delay.)


WOW, THX for the lingots!
So if we did have ideas we wanted to really develop, is here the appropriate place to query them or is someplace else better?

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Again, sorry for delay.

I would suggest it would begin to be a good platform to put them up here.


I'm sorry this is off-topic, but I am a very curious person. What does KIA KAHA mean?


Kia kaha is a Maori phrase that roughly means "stay strong".


Awesome! Thank you!

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