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"My friend Bob has a question."

Translation:صَديقي بوب عِنْدهُ سُؤال.

March 26, 2020



Why is عند not in the beginning in this one?


It is correct to say عند صديقي بوب سؤال.


It gets marked down by Duolingo, however. A question: Arabic seems to put the verb first a lot, so if I put "friend Bob" first, does that mean I'm emphasising "friend Bob"?


Yes, it is true. If a sentence has a verb you can begin with the verb or with the subject or with the preposition while making the suitable changes. What comes first is emphasized.

You also have to take into account that in the example above, the Arabic sentence has no verb, it is a nominative sentence with no verb (the verb "has" is implied using the adverb عند).


What did I not do correctly, my answer appears to be the same as your correction


I don't understand why it was marked that I have a typo in the word سوال. I did not out diatrics, but I usually don't and never gets marked as a typo.


See?? Now it is acceptable,,,,,,,,,,, I don’t live in the Wizarding World,,,,,,,,My cat don’t ask questions here(by the way,,,, I don’t have any cat)

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