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Babbel makes App free to US Students

Apparently, due to the COVID virus, Babbel is offering its language App for free to US students. More details are in the following article:
Babbel makes its language learning app free for all US students

March 26, 2020



TIP: You don't actually have to be a US student, to be honest, you can fill in whatever information you want and get a promo code after clicking the submit button. Apparently, they don't check it.


Oooo, thanks. I might just do this. When I saw it was for Americans only, I thought arrrgh that's too bad.


All students anywhere in the world who are enrolled in a school/university that is currently closed:


But not EU PT... :(


In certain languages, Busuu are helping schoolchildren too.


thasts the bests


Question. Is Babbel part of Duolingo? If not, why are you endorsing it on the Duolingo forum?


No, neither Babbel or Busuu are part of Duolingo. These are merely suggestions solely to promote ongoing learning for schoolchildren worldwide. Most people are aware of other apps, indeed many use other apps alongside Duolingo. It is allowed to mention them and sharing knowledge at this time can only be helpful.


If not, why are you endorsing it on the Duolingo forum?

I'm not endorsing Babbel, as I have never tried it. I'm just trying to pass along helpful information to language learners during this time of crisis. Referencing Apps other than Duolingo is permitted in the forum. The following response from the moderator jairapetyan explains Duolingo's position:

Here is the actual moderator response:

They just mentioned they use it to improve listening and speaking skills. It is a wonderful thing about Duolingo, that they freely allow users to share and reference other useful learning sites and tools. DL is confident about themselves and there is no jealousy. :)


It's not part of Duo, and he's just trying to help people by letting them know about other resources.

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