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  5. "This is really purple."

"This is really purple."

Translation:Tha seo gu math purpaidh.

March 26, 2020



Why is it tha seo, when "this is a sheep" is just seo caora? Why does seo cover both "this" and "is" in one, but not the other?


I have the same question


I assume it's because in one you are identifying the object (a sheep) and in the other you are describing the object (it's purple)?


What's the difference between gu math purpaidh & purpaidh gu math? Other than one is right & the other is wrong.


I'd imagine it's much the same difference as saying something is really purple versus purple really


I was just reviewing the tips and notes lessons and figured it out for myself.
Gu Math doesn't really mean really. It means Well. Tha mi gu math = I am well Tha mi gu math leisg = I am really lazy (lit.) I am well lazy


"I am well pleased." "She's well fit." "I'm well chuffed." Very common phrasing in Scottish and Northern English. The same thing where Americans have to translate fhathast as both yet and still. We have to do a double translation. Gaidhlig to English to American.


Why gu math, not gu mor?


Can someone please explain why it uses "Tha seo" instead of just "Seo?"

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