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  5. "Nach eil Mòrag ceart?"

"Nach eil Mòrag ceart?"

Translation:Isn't Morag right?

March 26, 2020



Hard to hear that one


This speaker is really hard to understand at times, and that may be my problem here. It sounds like she is using the lenited form of Morag. I am clearly hearing Vorak and I gave Mhorag in my answer and it was allowed. Did I miss something somewhere? Why was it lenited?


Yes that's what I heard too. But its good that she's speaking, because she has such a different accent and there must be other people who also speak like she does


Why is it "ceart" in all the sentences but one : chan eil Morag .., cearr"?


Ceart -> right Ceàrr -> wrong

Some sentences say she's right, some say she's incorrect

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