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Does Duolingo teach you everything you need to know about Arabic?

What raised the question above was several comments I have read over the past few days skimming through the comment section.

What I have found is that some people complain that the grammar taught is very limited.

Is this something I should be concerned with?

If so what other platforms are recommended?


March 26, 2020



Not at all. TBH, none of the courses on here do so. I don't mean to be a debbie downer but it's true, most trees here get you to around A2 level. Don't learn on Duolingo alone, and I believe learning from outside is more motivating: Watching movies/songs/videos knowing you understood this and trying to learn that is so awesome!

Haven't finished it yet, but I heard it doesn't have any verbs, and their grammar system is not at all easy-peasy.

I do not know any good platforms nor sources for studying Arabic, sorry ^^; But I recommend you search on YouTube (preferably the specific dialect) and summarize everything in a notebook or at least some online flash cards.

GL! :D


As an Egyptian.. and I really don't want to bring you down.. but we keep learning arabic till the day we die..it's a huge language with a lot of accents and dialects .. in Egypt only we have 10 or 9 main dialects.. I'm from Alexandria and i understand only 50 %percent of what someone from upper Egypt saying when speaking that for example... but duolingo is a really good start ..


Thanks! Greeting from the USA! Here is a Lingot!

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