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  5. "Tha sinn cho sona ri bròig."

"Tha sinn cho sona ri bròig."

Translation:We are as happy as a shoe.

March 26, 2020



What does this mean? Is a shoe happy or unhappy?


It is an idiom explained in the notes for the skill Sayings:

Some Gaelic expressions can seem a little unusual at first glance. This next one is common and an absolute gem:

  • Cho sona ri bròig. - As happy as a shoe.

Nobody knows what made the shoe so happy, and it certainly isn't telling anybody anytime soon.

Apparantly the shoe is happy. ;-)


Thanks for that. I should have looked at the notes first. I see my question about "b'àill leibh" is also answered there.


Well, some people say happy as a clam...not sure why a clam would be happy either.!

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