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Rosetta Stone Free for Students during Coronavirus

Rosetta Stone is free for students for the next three months.

I think I like Duolingo better but I'm trying it out to expose myself to multiple resources and to motivate myself to practice languages more during the day. I like how it is a little more structured than Duolingo, when I'm feeling unmotivated, it tells me exactly what to do.

March 26, 2020



Looks like Babbel is doing something similar: Babbel makes its language learning app free for all US students

I finished the entire Rosetta Stone course. I preferred the use of the actual human voice and the color coded words that highlighted important grammar concepts.


How far does Rosetta Stone get you? What do you feel are some of the things it teaches best and what things could be better?

I'm curious to hear from a regular person who did it, instead of a language blogger reviewing it.


IMPORTANT: To clarify, it is for students who are in K-12!


Rosetta Stone is also completely free online for all from many public library systems at all times. My library offers this service. Check your library's online resources page to see if they offer it too.


What do you mean by that? It let me sign up and I've no idea what that is



  • Here is the Rosetta Stone Free for Students Page for easy access. Thanks to ErinAndW for bringing it to our attention.

  • Rosetta Stone Free resources for everyone for offline use:

  • French

  • Spanish

Lot's more offline languages available from Rosetta.


I personally think that Duolingo is MUCH better than Rosetta Stone...


I tried Rosetta Stone but I like Duolingo because they use English and give me tips


is this only for people in the us

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