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  5. "I am living in England."

"I am living in England."

Translation:Tha mi a' fuireach ann an Sasainn.

March 27, 2020



no capital letter for Sasainn?


In the answer, yes. But not in the question...


What was the question?


We are asked to choose the Gaelic tiles for "I am living in England." The tile for "England" does not have an initial capital letter. Which puzzled me, as a beginner to the language.


That's a Duolingo thing unfortunately. Not something we can fix :(


I'm going to reply here because I can't reply to your comment directly DebF26, but I'm one of the contributors on the course, and it definitely is a Duolingo issue. It's related to the way words are tagged in the incubator.


Is there an email or some other way I can contact Duolingo? My specific question is that since other language courses offer stories, why not Scottish Gaelic?

The 275th anniversary of the Battle of Culloden would be extremely interesting to many of your students I wager.


As far as I know, Duolingo makes the stories themselves. They're not allowed to be done by volunteers, or for a course made by volunteers :(

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