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Immersion upload gone wrong

So, I tried to upload a document to the French section:

...and it didn't upload properly. The special characters don't seem to have been imported. Instead of seeing "être", the reader will see "tre". Is there any way to delete the document? Thanks!

May 3, 2013



If you go to the page again, you should be able to delete the document by clicking the "Remove article" link in the gray bar at the top (this link was just added today, and only the person who uploaded the document can see it).

Also, the problem with the handling of special characters has been fixed, so if you try uploading that document again it should work.


Grey bar? I know this post was a year ago, but I don't see this! And I am the original uploader. I see the blue bar at top (with "Home", "Words" etc) then below is progress bar and "Translate, proofread and discuss", then below that is the instructions "Click a sentence to help translate it" then below that is article on left and contributors of the translation box on right. Where in relation to all of that is it supposed to be?


The "remove article" doesn't seem to work? I still see it, and even had the option to remove it, and still have the option to "remove" it. After clicking "remove article", it switched to "re-instate article" (or something like that). 2 hours later I still saw the article. When I opened it I still had the option to "remove article". I "removed" the article again, then went looking for it and found it. Is it simply a request that gets sent out to Duo staff asking to delete it, or should it be automatically removed? Thanks!


It's supposed to be removed automatically, but that feature isn't working right now. This will be fixed soon, but in the meantime I went ahead and removed the article for you.


Thanks a lot! Also, thanks for all the time and effort you put into Duo. It is greatly appreciated and you and your colleagues most likely don't hear it enough!


Great, thanks!

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