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"Iuvenis miser et aeger dormit."

Translation:The unhappy and sick young man sleeps.

March 27, 2020



Even though the order in Latin is "unhappy" and then "sick", in proper English shouldn't it be "sick" and then "unhappy"?


On Duolingo, always translate adjectives in the order they're given. Otherwise there's no way to tell that you haven't actually mixed up their meanings.


I see the difficulty, but "sick and unhappy" is a more conventional order than "unhappy and sick" in English.


I second that, even when the translation violates the English convention governing adjective order. We also wouldn't use a conjunction here, but again, safest to put one in... (ugh!)


I wrote: The Young unhappy and sick man sleeps. Why is it wrong?


Im gateful to everyone who made this course but too many times i scratch my head at some of those translation choices. Irati sumus! Lol

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