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Dutch for English speakers is now in beta!

We know many of you have been waiting patiently for Dutch for English speakers to enter beta! We're excited to announce that today is the day :) This is the first complete course to be created through the Incubator. That means, it's now possible to learn English from Dutch and Dutch from English! Thank you to all of the volunteer contributors who helped build this course: KaiEngle, KevinKnauer, Kirlll, Lavinae, and Rhynn.

Because Dutch for English speakers is entering beta today, you might find errors or missing translations. Please report them, and help improve the course for future learners. Thank you!


July 16, 2014




At last, the day has come.
After trials and tribulations…..
We present thee with
This course of ours
After loads of expectations

And thus, today marks the beginning of something new
A novel chapter, for me and you
Fantastic, fabulous and phenomenal, like you never knew
You will love our new course, tried and true


Just imagine team Dutch serenading these paragraphs to you, our dear users, from the bottom of our hearts…. the voices of angels, unicorns and a demon or two….

We hereby want to thank you, our users and Duolingo staff, for all the support you’ve given us, your patience and enthusiasm. We’re ecstatic that our second course has finally reached the beta stage, all grown up! This is surreal!

Lots of love and best wishes from Team Dutch, a team that’s currently bouncing up and down! This is so exciting!


Congratulations to the Duolingo and the Dutch teams!

Let me guess the team members from left to right in the picture:
KevinKnauer, Lavinae, Kirlll, Rhynn, and KaiEngle? the klkrk team!

Edit: Thanks, LeMaitre, I saw them only after I went to their course page, at least I got a few right the first time :)

Team Dutch, have you formed a new alliance with the French team? :)

It was great learning the first skill, though I still need to work on the difference between 'je' and 'jij'!


According to their profiles, I'd say the third one from the left is KevinKnauer and the last one is KaiEngle. ;)

And also, congratulations to the Dutch team and to to the Duolingo team! Thank you for your effort! :)


Congrats / gefeliciteerd Team Dutch!


This makes you the official winners of the Itch competition!

Nice poem, I hope you'll release it under Creative Commons By-SA, so that we can add it to immersion and share it with the world!

Anyway, since this course has successfully hatched, can one can assume that the ghostbusters managed to eliminate all the ghosts images plaguing the incubator, and there are no more serious bugs?

P.S. It would be nice to see that poem in Dutch too, and maybe an announcement should be added to the incubator page too. :)

Congrats, and well done!


Now that Danish is catching up, I guess we could make a Dairish team?


screams, falls off chair, starts dancing

<h1>Oh my goodness I am so excited!!! This is really happening!</h1>

Alt text


Alt text

jump, jump, jump

…kinda looking like this right now… you know I am a very jumpy person :-) Alt text

…and just because it is an owl. And it dances. Alt text

PS: Cannot quite compete with team NL’s art skills… but I tried!


That was totally me when I found out about Dutch's release.


The dancing owl is awesome, it made my day!


LOL XD tht owl tho

[deactivated user]

    Where did you find those gifs?


    Dear Esmee, Kai, Rhynn, Tycho and Kevin,


    You guys were the most worthy competitors and it was so much fun to get to know you during the long journey :P

    Good luck in Phase 2! I’m sure you will do well, especially since you have previous experience :P I, for one, am looking forward to learning your beautiful language!

    Since you guys are the big shots in beta, I completely understand if you want to abandon Itch :( We can always form an alliance with the Danes. I’m sure Darish/Inish will catch on :) Who am I kidding?….it’s just not the same.


    Congratulations, thank you and good luck to the wonderful Team Dutch (Vijanden/Naimhde)!

    And remember:


    oh..now I get it. it took me way too long!


    I can't say I got yours straight away, either....it took me soooo long to realise it was a clog in the "I <3 NL" picture.


    Any word on an Irish release Alex as of now? :) Im dying to tear into the course! Im Irish too and t'would be fun to revive the language in me :P


    We don't have a definite release date but we are working very hard on both sides. It will be released very soon.


    We will be ready with another batch of hoorahs and GIFs for the release. :)


    You're such a tease Alex!!

    Like today soon or next few days soon or next week soon or who knows when soon? Not gonna riot or anything, but you know....>

    Who is doing the testing now, btw?


    @AlexisLinguist That is reassuring! I look forward to it!


    Yay for our king and queen!


    I was wondering who they were!


    I'm in!!!!!! e.g. Lesson 1

    'man, vrouw, ik, ben, een, jongen, en'

    Edit: Is that Luis in the description for a man?!

    Edit: Just finished my first lesson! Ik ben een vrouw!

    Edit: I just reached level 2! :D Sorry, I'll stop now......


    yes Luis and a few others come up all the courses - if you search the discussion you can find a thread on it!


    They are threatening Luis for being in the lesson? ;)


    echm. I do not know at all what you talk about. my spelling is perfect.


    lol Franky! Alexis has outed you! You clearly said 'a threat on it' didn't you?! ;P Thanks for clarifying that about Luis I thought I was imaging things! Duo creeping into my dreams etc...... Alexis knows all about that!


    Immersion! How did I not remember that - my brain has stopped working!

    Had a panic attack, logged out and back again and it came back! I'm getting far too involved in this site........


    LOL, BritBlue. And, you are talking about Immersion. :)


    Way to be slick. Better put an "EDIT" tag in there. ;)


    @BritBlue that is because there is not currently immersion for this course.


    Has anyone noticed that we only have three things (home, discussion and activity) now? I am sure there was a fourth thing up there? Whats missing? I can't remember!


    Thank you @alexinireland! Don't know why I didn't think of that! I switched back to Spanish and immersion appeared again. Edit Dutch now has immersion.

    [deactivated user]

      Bloomin' Auslautverhärtung, eh? ;)


      Dankje zeer, Lavinae, KaiEngle, KevinKnauer, Kirlll and Rhynn! Just so you know, I was rooting for you in the World Cup!

      A Dutch flag flying.

      A Dutch man flying.


      I was thinking that when he scored. I was also thinking of Batman and Robin.


      Lol! I love the dutch man flying! Have a lingot! :-D happy learning! -Spaceowl42


      Your welcome! :-D


      Wow! Massive congratulations and thanks to the whole Dutch team! All your work has been incredible and I know just how much work and effort you have put in to this! I've been super impressed these last few weeks with how well you have dealt with some of the less than appreciative comments about the various delays. I think you're going to see a massive amount of users

      Anyway time to stop talking and get learning for me, THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN!!!! :) (Ps you've probably noticed me lurking your incubator chat all day, soz!)


      I wonder how many people are willing to learn Dutch because of this book: TFIOS

      Anyway, I wish everybody a lot of plezier while learning Dutch!


      YERP! Because I do not know the pronunciation of them Dutch words.


      You might like this video to learn how to pronounce the names in TFIOS the Dutch way.


      Thank you, Team Dutch, and congratulations!


      I would like to thank the whole Dutch team for your hard work and commitment!


      Oh goodness I am so excited about this, I don't know why, because I am native, but still, I am so excited!


      image Do you mean it's finally happening?! ( you didn't notified me :'[ )


      They didn't notified me too :(


      YIPEE! I just signed up! :) Good job Team Dutch!


      I had a very amazing dance party for about 5 minutes before starting the course.


      OMG YESSS!!!! And it's another monthly anniversary for me and my Dutchie! Perfect timing too as tonight I actually translated THREE articles on De Telegraaf outloud on Skype :3

      Congrats Team Dutch!!!! throws hearts


      I am happy to say that I am having extreme fun learning Dutch, already halfway through level 1


      Congratulations Team Dutch!


      Hit the ground running on the new course and loving it! Though I'm probably going to wake up the next morning with a sore throat from trying to pronounce every Dutch sentence that comes up.


      You guys are awesome! All the best to you! I'm sure your course is already very good and will become a blast in the future! =)


      Fantastic! Thank you so much for all your work! I bet you'll miss all those "are we there yet?" questions ;P


      Oh my goodness, CONGRATS!!

      Thousands of thanks to the entire Team Dutch for this course, you're awesome! And a special thanks to Lavinae, who has had the patience of answering everybody's questions time and time again and reassuring everybody that, yes, it was coming ^^

      Can't wait to start this course and finally learn the language of (a tiny part of) my family!


      Somewhere Arjen Robben is diving with joy.


      Dutch for German speaker (and the other way around) would also be nice. German and Dutch are very similar. As a speaker of English and German I can understand a bit written Dutch without ever learning it.


      Excellent! Many thanks to the volunteers who have made this happen. I am looking forward to learning some Dutch so I can enjoy my holidays in the Netherlands this summer without feeling (too much) like one of those useless monolingual English people who is way behind the polyglot Dutch!

      Hopefully the courses will appear on the iOS app soon too?


      Bedankt voor jullie inzet! Hoera!!!


      Words cannot describe my happiness!


      Thanks for the present for my 1 year birthday at Duolingo! Now, lets start learning some Dutch!!


      Wow! Thanks so much for putting so much hard work in this course! I am really happy right now and I'll start with learning Dutch immediatly! So excited! :3


      Comhghairdeachas le Foireann na hOllainnise ó Fhoireann na Gaeilge

      Congratulations to Team Dutch from Team Irish


      NOOOOOO! Irish has lost the race :(


      YAY I'm fangirling right now omg




      WHOOOOOP WHOOOOP! Gefeliciteerd to team Dutch!


      Yessss!!!!! Congrats to the Dutch Team and Duo! Already started learning it. I am at level 2 right now :D




      I also cannot wait for Dutch to be in the app too!


      Thank you Dutch team and good luck to anyone doing the course!!!! Gefeliciteerd! :D


      Dutch seems a bit similar German Language. @__@


      A lot actually


      you familiar with Dutch? how about their grammer structure? xD


      Very similar. Dutch doesn't really do the whole cases thing anymore though, but even that seems to be a recent development. And two of the genders merged, so masculine and femine are now together called the "common" gender. Word order seems to be almost the same too. They even have modal particles, which are a pecularity of German (those are pesky little words that change the mood of the sentence. To make an example, adding the words halt or eben into a German sentences makes it sounds like "This is a fact that cannot be changed, which is a pity")


      Thank you so very much to all the contributors! You guys are beyond awesome!


      thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      Sorry, but I have to do this:



      You guys are amazing!!!!!


      Finally the sixth language for English Duolingoers! Good job Duolingo team and take my lingots!


      How cool! Our first course for English speakers. Thank you guys!


      een vrouw en een man :)




      Awesome guys thank you so much to everyone who contributed to the course!! Will I need to wait for an android Duolingo update to access it on the mobile application?


      This is fantastic! I was waiting for this! Dank u.


      Congrats to the Dutch team :)


      `Beta is the second stage of a course. In the first (the hatching stage) it is being developed, in the second (the beta stage) people can use it and report problems so it can be improved. In the third (the alpha stage) the course is completely finished and improved, though there may still be a few mistakes in it that you can report. Edit: the third stage is not called the alpha stage! thanks to lenkvist and saschambaer for clearing that up :) I didnt really know what else to call it.


      If anything, then the third stage would be the gamma stage. Alpha is the hatching part.


      When are we going to have an Allemanish course in Duolingo? Do you think you could get another swiss interested enough to have a course developing in alpha?

      I have family members whose mother tong is Allemanish (from Zurich).



      Well, I certainly would love making such a course. However, there are MANY problems. Without going into too much detail, there are two big ones:

      • Large number of dialects but no standard or prestige one — choosing one would be unfair towards any other dialect (and against the Swiss spirit). I would make a course for my own dialect but not name it «Swiss German» or «Alemannic» because those are just umbrella terms.
      • Lack of a writing system. This could actually mean that the creation of a duo course could accidentally (or on purpose) create the first Switzerland-wide orthography. Achieving the feat of creating a writing system that works for all (or at least a large majority) dialects would both eliminate problem one and be the first step to making Alemannic into what it deserves to be — a language.

      I’ve been thinking a lot about how to solve problem one and I feel like I am getting closer :) But I’d need other people from other regions to fine-tune it and create a dictionary to work with…


      I doubt the third stage is called "the alpha stage" as alpha means that a product in a stage before beta. Maybe you could say that the course goes gold when it reaches the third phase as that is used when a product is finished.


      Now I can finally learn one of the languages of my ancestors! :)


      Excellent! Congrats team Dutch.


      Awesome news!!! I will start it from August right after I am back from holidays. Can't wait!


      i already started and oh god I'm so exited!!! i have to admit the english for dutch really helped out so now i don't feel lost. thank you so much for this!!the tips the courses everything looks great!you guys did an awesome job!!


      I don't quite understand why this is the first complete course to be created through the incubator. Does it mean that it is the first complete course FOR ENGLISH SPEAKERS to be created through the incubator?


      It means it's the first course for which both directions (A->B and B->A) have been completed through the incubator. Other incubated courses have either been only one direction (A->B, or B->A, only), or have been "reverse" courses of the ones created by duolingo staff (A->B from staff, B->A incubated). The next sentence in the announcement makes this clearer ("That means, it's now possible to learn English from Dutch and Dutch from English!")


      We've waited so long. At last the Dutch course has come! Thanks Dutch language team!

      And there is your haiku for the morning :D


      Hooray!!! And Dutch is only the beginning!! ^_^


      Yes, after signing up to the beta, and then accessing the android app, somehow all my progress and settings were deleted, and all the language settings changed so everything appears in dutch, which would be okay if i'd finished the beta.


      Call me if you need help! (I'm from Belgium!)


      Well hot dang dynamite. That's just swell.


      Hi how can i start dutch lessons at duo lingo?


      You go here -> https://www.duolingo.com/course/nl-NL/en/Learn-Dutch-(Netherlands)-Online

      And click start course! :-D

      Hope this helps! Happy learning! -Spaceowl42


      Will the voice recogniser for dutch recognise Flemmish?

      Goed= /xut/ or /ɣut/ (Nederlands) VS. Goed= /ʝut/ (Vlaams )


      When it will available on ios App? :(

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