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Dutch for English speakers is now in beta!

We know many of you have been waiting patiently for Dutch for English speakers to enter beta! We're excited to announce that today is the day :) This is the first complete course to be created through the Incubator. That means, it's now possible to learn English from Dutch and Dutch from English! Thank you to all of the volunteer contributors who helped build this course: KaiEngle, KevinKnauer, Kirlll, Lavinae, and Rhynn.

Because Dutch for English speakers is entering beta today, you might find errors or missing translations. Please report them, and help improve the course for future learners. Thank you!


July 16, 2014




At last, the day has come.
After trials and tribulations…..
We present thee with
This course of ours
After loads of expectations

And thus, today marks the beginning of something new
A novel chapter, for me and you
Fantastic, fabulous and phenomenal, like you never knew
You will love our new course, tried and true


Just imagine team Dutch serenading these paragraphs to you, our dear users, from the bottom of our hearts…. the voices of angels, unicorns and a demon or two….

We hereby want to thank you, our users and Duolingo staff, for all the support you’ve given us, your patience and enthusiasm. We’re ecstatic that our second course has finally reached the beta stage, all grown up! This is surreal!

Lots of love and best wishes from Team Dutch, a team that’s currently bouncing up and down! This is so exciting!


This makes you the official winners of the Itch competition!

Nice poem, I hope you'll release it under Creative Commons By-SA, so that we can add it to immersion and share it with the world!

Anyway, since this course has successfully hatched, can one can assume that the ghostbusters managed to eliminate all the ghosts images plaguing the incubator, and there are no more serious bugs?

P.S. It would be nice to see that poem in Dutch too, and maybe an announcement should be added to the incubator page too. :)

Congrats, and well done!

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screams, falls off chair, starts dancing

<h1>Oh my goodness I am so excited!!! This is really happening!</h1>

Alt text


Alt text

jump, jump, jump

…kinda looking like this right now… you know I am a very jumpy person :-) Alt text

…and just because it is an owl. And it dances. Alt text

PS: Cannot quite compete with team NL’s art skills… but I tried!


That was totally me when I found out about Dutch's release.


The dancing owl is awesome, it made my day!


LOL XD tht owl tho

[deactivated user]

    Where did you find those gifs?


    Dear Esmee, Kai, Rhynn, Tycho and Kevin,


    You guys were the most worthy competitors and it was so much fun to get to know you during the long journey :P

    Good luck in Phase 2! I’m sure you will do well, especially since you have previous experience :P I, for one, am looking forward to learning your beautiful language!

    Since you guys are the big shots in beta, I completely understand if you want to abandon Itch :( We can always form an alliance with the Danes. I’m sure Darish/Inish will catch on :) Who am I kidding?….it’s just not the same.


    Congratulations, thank you and good luck to the wonderful Team Dutch (Vijanden/Naimhde)!

    And remember:

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    oh..now I get it. it took me way too long!


    Yay for our king and queen!


    I'm in!!!!!! e.g. Lesson 1

    'man, vrouw, ik, ben, een, jongen, en'

    Edit: Is that Luis in the description for a man?!

    Edit: Just finished my first lesson! Ik ben een vrouw!

    Edit: I just reached level 2! :D Sorry, I'll stop now......

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    yes Luis and a few others come up all the courses - if you search the discussion you can find a thread on it!

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