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Display answer after timer runs out

I've had it many times already that I'm trying to translate a long sentence and the timer runs out. I really would like to at least see the answer before going to the overview screen.

May 3, 2013



I belive in timed practice it should give you smaller sentences to translate. Instead of giveing you a big compound sentence because you only have 2 minutes to get through the test/practice.


Or perhaps it could start with shorter ones and work its way up, since on short easy ones I tend to bank a fair bit of time.


Agreed. I find it annoying too.


Yes, this is not the first time this has been suggested, and I completely agree. I hate getting stuck on an exercise and then not being able to see what the answer was because the timer ran out.


I agree. When I get stuck on a word that I've completely forgotten, I'd at least want to see what it means so I can hammer it in my head for the future.


I totally agree - its so frustrating not to know whether you were getting it right or not - its usually a harder one which is why the time runs out!

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