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Overview of grammar explanations


  1. Grammar: De/Het/Een
  2. Grammar: The Dutch alphabet & Pronunciation
  3. Grammar: Dutch plural nouns
  4. Grammar: Dutch word order
  5. Grammar: "niet" and "geen"
  6. Grammar: Dutch numbers
  7. Grammar: The Dutch prepositions


  1. Grammar: The Dutch Personal Pronouns (Subject vs. Object)
  2. Grammar: Jij vs. Je / Zij vs. Ze / Wij vs. We
  3. Grammar: The possessive pronouns in Dutch


  1. Grammar: Adjectives


  1. Grammar: The Dutch present simple
  2. Grammar: The Dutch past simple
  3. Grammar: Present perfect

Verb usage

  1. Grammar: Zijn/Zitten/Liggen/Staan


  1. Grammar: Dutch spelling

Today's Specials: User Contributed Grammar Bits!

  1. The Continuous Aspect - (Present Continuous) - Provided by Whle_

External Links/Sources

  1. Helpful External Material

Note: This is an overview thread which is meant to provide a home base for the links towards grammar explanation threads. This is why this thread has been locked. If you have any suggestions for a grammar explanation or extra information, feel free to post these on a Dutch team member’s profile.

July 16, 2014

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