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  5. "Zij drinkt sap."

"Zij drinkt sap."

Translation:She drinks juice.

July 16, 2014



Are ze and zij not always interchangeable?


"Zij" can be used for emphasis (as in "I don't drink juice, but she does"), but in this case they're interchangeable. Here's Lavinae (a Dutch course moderator)'s explanation:
Grammar: Jij vs. Je / Zij vs. Ze / Wij vs. We.


So this difference exists for the feminine pronoun but not for the masculine? That is, no "he"?


so this should be fixed, right?


Yes, you can report mistakes like these using the "Report a Problem" button.


zij means they im a native dutch speaker but this is my daughter's account. I anybody ever needs help you can ask. :)


Hi! I have some pronounciation problems. 1) Is the "Z" in "ze" and "zij" really pronounced as "zh" or is it an audio problem? 2) Is the word "is" pronounced as "ish"? 3) Is the word "sap" pronounced as "shap"?

Maybe these are only audio problems, maybe this is how a native speaker would pronounce the words. Please make it clear to me!


Does anyone know if sap is 'het' or 'de' ?


Thanks! Any smart reason why they don't let us learn what article is the right one together with new nouns? Other language courses do.


native dutch here. it is both corect. the only difference= de sap only in a sentence (mag ik de sap van jou) het can be used in a sentence and if your just naming the product.


Definitely always het. De is wrong, sorry


@El2theK (can't reply to you for some reason) I guess you're right, I'm sorry. De appelsap sounds like something I would say, de sap just not.


Isn't zij both she and they?

  • Zij drinkt - She drinks
  • Zij drinken - They drink


Tnks! May you also explain me the difference between ze and zij (or je and jij)?

[deactivated user]

    yes it is but you need to see the verb ending to get it right


    This is a tricky sentence. Though the literal translation is correct, this is not a sentence you'll ever hear. If you express that she is drinking juice, we prefer the diminutive. A better translation would be "Ze drinkt een sapje".


    Is it coincidence that I get another "zij" and "ze" wrong when it was speaking of a woman, not a girl? Does a woman take emphasis? Therefore "zij"?


    Ok, so "zij" is emphatic. Why is emphasis necessary, or even good, here?


    Don't you think they just want us to practice? For me, just to learn how to hear the difference.


    When I hover over the word it appear "they" as traduction for "zij", and when I answered "They drink juice" it got wrong. Can't it be a correct solution?


    Zij is either She or They, you have to look how the verb is conjugated: Zij drinkt (she) or Zij drinken (they)


    Honestly this is the best explanation ever. Thank you!


    How pronounce sap? Is it like shop?

    [deactivated user]

      I guess the nearest pronunciation is like the u in supper.

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