"Een man"

Translation:A man

July 16, 2014

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My first word! Dutch here I come!


According to this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:IPA_for_Dutch, the "ee" sequence should make the [e:] sound (in IPA) like the long „eh“ vowel sound in German „Ehe“. Is Dutch „een" an exception because it is such a commonly used word? Are there any more such exceptions?


Yes, there are weak and strong forms in Dutch, just like in English.

Words that are pronounced with a weak form are pronounced with a schwa (the sound in een, en de...) (many unstressed syllables are actually pronounced with a schwa, as in English, but I don't want to drive you insane).

In the case of een, the difference in pronunciation is in order to be able to distinguish the indefinite article een (a/an) from number één (one).

In other cases, the use of strong/weak forms has to do with stresss placement (emphasis).

The nice thing about Dutch (when compared to English) is that the use of weak/strong forms is mostly signalled through spelling (ee/éé, e/ij, respectively, for instance).

Hope this helps and that I was clear enough.


Ah, yes, that was clear. Thank you so much for your help, MentalPinball!


You're most welcome :)

I only regret you got this reply almost a year after you posted your question :(


No worries; it's not uncommon on Duolingo :)


I typed "En man" instead of "Een man" and it was marked incorrect instead of a misspelling. Just curious what the connotation of "En man" would be instead, or if it means anything at all?


en means and, en man would be and man


Is echtgenoot exclusive for "husband"?


husband and "echtgenoot" means the same


a man/ an man .. both same ?


'An' man is incorrect in English.


I have this doubt between when to use "De man" or "Een man". Can someone help me?

PS.: Im Portuguese native so if some one that is Portuguese and understands even better my doubt plz answer too :)


"De man" means "the man." "Een man" means "a man." Hope this helped! :)


Ola Rafael,

De man= o homem

Een man= um homem

If you say de man, then you're referring to a man in particular, but if you say een man, then it can be any man.


No, because men is plural.

men= mannen

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