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"Een vrouw"

Translation:A woman

July 16, 2014



In "vrouw" the v sounds like an f?


It sounds like the German "Frau" for woman. I believe I spelled that correctly


It does, except it's standard to pronounce the v in vrouw like a v not like an f.

You can a bunch of examples on Dutch pronunciation here: http://www.heardutchhere.net/DutchPronunciation.html


Yea it sounds like German Frau!


Technically it's supposed to sound like a V, but sometimes people pronounce it rather like an F or something in between. It's not super important, though I guess it's better to try and pronounce it like a V. (source: am dutch)


In English "v" and "f" are done the same way in the mouth. The only difference is that "v" is voiced" and "f" is not. That means your larynx vibrates when making the "v" sound, and not when making the "f" sound.


In Belgium it is definitely pronounced as a "v"!


Yes, I've noticed that!


v and f are very similar. the only difference is that f is voiceless. it seems as if in dutch though, that the v loses it's voicing when it is proceeded by a trilled r.


V and F most definitely sound the same in every dutch word in any practical situation. Don't even try to make them sound differently.

Native speaker here guys come on


Pronouncing it with a 'f' sounds more like Amsterdam accent to me though


You can a bunch of examples on Dutch pronunciation here: http://www.heardutchhere.net/DutchPronunciation.html


I cant believe how much it resembles german!


It does indeed, although there is a clear distinction (especially for people who are native in either of the two).


I speak afrikaans which is quite similar to dutch I think they just speak faster and they have alot of tounge twisters


And the other way around, Afrikaans sounds like a Hollandic dialect where they simplified all sorts of grammar and pronunciation rules, and they skip letters that you really need to recognise a word.


Afrikaans is a daughter language of dutch.

Dutch the way it was in 1750. (Indeed more specifically the dialect(s) spoken in the region of the county of holland, not dialects from the rest of the country) After that both languages continued to evolve seperately (and afrikaans have been influenced by some other languages spoken in south Africa like malay. And more recently it has been influenced by english)


The comments are very helpful. Thanks to everyone who makes a comment of replies to others questions.


Thank you for this kind comment :)


Are there any genders in Dutch?


Standard Dutch has three genders: masculine, feminine and neuter. However, the masculine and feminine genders have merged to form the common gender (de), while the neuter (het) remains distinct as before.


There is still a distinction between masculine and feminine, but as most Dutch people do not even know this, I suppose it isn't relevant :)


i like dutch! i realized i could read it whilst i served time in germany in the late '80s/early '90s. now i understand why. it's SO MUCH simpler than german!


Yes, Dutch has three genders: neuter, which has "het" as its definite article, and masculine and feminine, which both have "de" as their definite article. As the difference between the latter two can't be heard from the definite article, these two have largely turned into non-neuter, male and female, in that hardly anyone bothers about grammatical gender unless there's a physical gender. Without a physical gender, such words are treated by most as non-neuter, and people will usually simply avoid structures that would require them to know whether a certain noun is masculine or feminine.


Do you have to learn Dutch in Belgium in schools?


It depends on in which part of Belgium you live, I suppose. The south speaks French and refuses to speak Dutch, while the Belgian people in the north have to learn Dutch (and French).


Can vrouw also mean wife?


Yes it can. If you say: dat is mijn vrouw it translates to: that is my wif3


Is echtgenote just for wife?


Echtgenote can only be used for wife. The word husband is very similar, echtgenoot. For man and woman, you can only use man and vrouw. However, man and vrouw are also commonly used for wife and husband. "Zij is mijn vrouw" = "she is my wife"


Is the 'r' supposed to be rolled? I can't seem to pronounce it properly without rolling the R...


Pronouncing the 'r' as the 'r' in 'raw' is not correct, but we can understand it anyway. Dutch does not use the 'r' as you know it, we mostly roll our r's.

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