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Viewing Student Progress

I created 3 separate classes for the 7th grade Spanish classes I teach. I gave my students a link and code. I can only see about half of my students in each class. Is there some sort of instructions I can give them in order to see their progress? I am assuming that when I gave them the original code and they signed up, they clicked "NOT NOW" when it said I would be able to see their progress. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

March 27, 2020



Here is my work-around that has been successful for me 100% of the time, although the link the pentaan gives above describes a situation where it didn't seem to work.

Have your students click on the blue silhouette in the upper right (or their avatar if they have added one).

Tell them to scroll down to "settings."

Tell them to click on "progress sharing."

Now they can enter your classroom code.

Like I said, I've never had this not work. Please post if this was successful for you.

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