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Looking for lessons that correspond to certain skills

My grade 10s are learning the conditional tense and my 9s are working on reflexives. Are there lessons that correspond to these skills?

March 27, 2020



Now that Duo is aligned with CEFR, all skills are couched in topics. For example, reflexives are most likely in a topic discussing daily routines. But if you go to the left side of the screen under Duolingo for Schools, there will be a button (right under "Assignments") called "Curriculum," where everything will be laid out for you to see what is introduced when.

What language do you teach? Probably one of us teaching the same language can tell you immediately what skill each of these is under.


Thanks! I teach French.


Conditionnelle: There's a little bit in Bistro, a little in Together, and then Career 2 (which also has le futur simple), and then pretty much every skill will have a little after that point.

Reflexives: Look for all the skills that are called Routine 1, Routine 2, Routine 3, etc. There are a little in At School, and a little more in Athletes.

Hope this helps!


your question is valid. I took the time to type the 159 skills in ascending order, and most of them don't give you a clear idea of the grammar content.


Yes, you are right. It's one of the trade-offs in focusing on topics rather than grammar. That's why I miss having my students in class, because I really feel that we need to work on the grammatical skills in isolation at times.

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