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  5. "Und das Verzeichnis?"

"Und das Verzeichnis?"

Translation:And the register?

July 16, 2014



List…index…register…catalogue/catalog…Can a native speaker give me a context in which I'd use this word? All of those "synonyms" are used in quite different contexts, so I'm having a hard time understanding the usage of "Verzeichnis." Thanks.


I'm feeling this way about a lot of words. German vocabulary! :(


Yeah, words with multiple meanings are killing me far worse than der, die, das


Why not add "registry" to the list pls ? Duo just marked it wrong.


I searched for Verzeichnis using a search engine and looked it up in my dictionaries. It would appear to be used for:

1) lists or catalogues of things.

Examples A thematic catalogue of a composer's works e.g. BWV (Bach Werk Verzeichnis) is the numbering system which allows identification of any of JS Bach's compositions and for Mozart "Köchel-Verzeichnis". There are similar systems for many composers.

Lists of just about anything, often in some order such as alphabetical, such as online betting agencies, lists of subsidiaries of German companies active in the USA, telephone directories, lists of courses available at a university, lists of philanthropic organisations and even "Verzeichnis der Aufzugsprüferinnen und Aufzugsprüfer gemäß § 16 des Wiener Aufzugsgesetzes 2006".

2) a directory or folder system on a computer.


Isn't it also switchboard, like a receptionist connecting calls?

If not, I would really like to know what the word is for this is, specifically the phrase "Hi, you've reached the switchboard for ...(company name)".


"Das Verzeichnis der Firma" is "the company directory," according to Linguee. And Telefonverzeichnis is phone directory.


Der Verzeichnis also means the index. Is it that index which is used in the stock exchange?


None of the words that are suggested if one hovers over Verzeichnis is among the options in available answers


How can you put this into context? It is difficult to understand the meaning of the word and how would someone use it in real life.


I don't think the list of definitions for the word make it obvious that register should be the answer. I think most non-native speakers would be unlikely to know a register can also be a list of sorts. I even wonder if some native speakers would miss it.


When would this be used?


Registry would make sense here as it is "a list of one kind of information". Register is used as a verb in English so does not translate.


Why doesn't "account" work for the translation of Verzeichnis?


Not a native German speaker, but if I look up translations for account, I find many other German words that could be used, but no mention of Verzeichnis:


Why do you think account should translate to Verzeichnis?


What's the difference between Verzeichnis and Liste?


Is this also "register" in the sense used in linguistics?


'Dictionary' is marked wrong, yet appears as one of the definitions when you hover over 'Verzeichnis' for a prompt


DU(FF)O strikes again. Daft question with similar answer


Some context and explanation in the notes would be very helpful.


Register was NOT even on the list !


Catalog is the american spelling.

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