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  5. "Een jongen"

"Een jongen"

Translation:A boy

July 16, 2014



How do you distinguish between "een" as in "a" and "een" as in "one"?


'Een' as in one is written as 'één' (pronounced as 'eighn'). 'Een' as in a/an is written without the accent


Thanks! A lingot for you!


If I'm explaining it easier, een is a translation for one, also for a. the difference is: een for the translation one, pronounced as: ain. in an english accent. Other is pronounced oon from book. also in english accent. Hope it helped!

  • When there's a reason to stress the number, you add the accents. Otherwise, it's ruled by the context:
  • If the sentence holds meaning both if it's the article and if it's the number, then again you add the accents for the number. (And you don't if it's the article.)
  • If the sentence holds meaning for just one interpretation, than you don't add accents, unless for stress. This means that one is not always written with accents! E.g., I always wanted a puppy, and now I have one. "Ik wou altijd al een hondje en nu heb ik er een."

Regardless of the spelling, though: If it's the number, it's pronounced with an English "ay", where the article is pronounced with a schwa


Sounds a bit like a "young'un" - wonder if there's a connection.


So, on the last one, jongen was pronounced "yawn" but on this one its pronounced "yaman" which is correct?

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