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  5. "Thanks, good night."

"Thanks, good night."

Translation:Bedankt, welterusten.

July 16, 2014



Is there any difference in usage between welterusten, goedenacht and goeienacht?


"welterusten" is essentially "sleep well" and is used as "good night" in that exact sense.

"goedenacht" can be used when saying goodbye to someone at night.

"goeienacht" is a different spelling of "goedenacht"


Assossiates welterusten with well-you-rest! Easy to see the simmularity if you split the Dutch word up into wel-te-rusten. Would natives also say this to persons who are going to take a nap in the middle of the day?


Slaap lekker works here also if I am not mistaken.


You are not mistaken :)


I was about to mention that. I've never learned Dutch, but as a South African I have an understanding of Afrikaans which is incredibly similar.


I just moved back to the US after living for 3 years in Tilburg in the Netherlands. I fully understand what "welterusten" means but I never heard a single person use it. If you were greeting someone between 18:00 and 0:00 everyone would say goedenavond, if you were saying good bye to someone at night you would say fijnavond, and after midnight but before 6 AM you would switch from avond to nacht. Also bedankt is only one way of many to say thanks, where I lived in Brabant it was less common than dankje or dankjewel.


Good advice! My mom and her family were from Noord Brabant as well and claim that welterusten is very old-fashioned for how Duolingo uses it. BUT! It doesn't hurt to use it anyhow provided you are leaving the group/party/person for the night; you'll just be amusing to everyone for being quaint. I rather prefer quaint than being rude.


It's not used as a greeting, though. It's used to say "sweet dreams". People at one place might use it more often than at a different place, but it isn't old fashioned. ;)


Litterally, welterusten is translated as "good rest" as it is formed by the word "wel" + "rust" which means good and rest/relax. Normally used for night sleep, rarely heard people use it for day nap. Its probably why its used as the substitute of goodnight in this basic 2 lesson, more simple to learn.


Lovely phrase (now I understand it - and missed this despite the similarity to English), I'd like to use it. Thanks all for the shades of meanings and uses listed/debated here :)

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"Goodnight" does not mean "welterusten" , i am a dutch native so i know. " goodnight " would be " goedenacht " or " goedeavond"


Can one say, "Bedankt, slaap wel?" or is that more flemish? (which is what I learnt to speak)


Thanks, I came looking for this! I am also learning Flemish, so they say normally slaapwel in there, at least in my circles (I lived in Flanders for 3,5 years)


What makes 'bedankt' the correct way to say thank you in this sentence? Why doesn't 'dank je wel' work here?


It is accepted. ;)


Instead of welterusten - they often just shorten to "Truste"


This sentence is incorrect. As folks have already stated, "welterusten" means "sleep well," it does not mean "good night" in the sense one would generally assume this sentence to mean, as in, saying "good evening, see you later" or whatnot.


Oeps! I was taught to say welterusten when someone was heading to bed. As in English it would be, "good night, sleep well", we said "goedenacht, welterusten". This translation is confusing to me (I grew up hearing Dutch but not speaking much beyond greetings).


Is that not the same thing????


You can say that, I think it's both flemish and NL Dutch but I'm not sure if they use it a lot in NL since I'm from BE, and don't really go to NL that often so :3


so "dank jullie" is not a word? sorry, new here.


I spelled it wrong by the last T, does that count or... am I just crazy



"bedankt, goedenavond" or "fijn avond" is a way better translation of "thans, good night" Bedankt, welterusten


I was taught to say welterusten


Isn't it possible: Thanks, have a good night! ??


Leave them duolingo is stupid


I learned to speek Dutch in Belgium (Flemish). So, often my answers are "wrong" for this program, although it is the same language. Just minor vocabulary differences, and different accent, if course!


Catherine, I am Spanish and it has happened to me too. I usually report it and right away I write here a message to DUO. For example, something like this one: "DUOLINGO: This translation is also correct. Could you accept it please?". This way they have accepted quite a lot, { not all of them} but of course it takes time. Success with it!


Bedankt welterusten شكرا لك تصبح على خير Thanks good night


What's the difference between "dank je," "dank je wel," and "bedankt"?


I have a dutch friend who says weltrusten. Is also right?


Welterusten more closely resembles "sleep well" or "rest well". I don't understand why duolingo doesnt give any context here because you just wouldn't say this to a collegue as a formal way to say good bye.

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