"Pardon, ik ben een appel."

Translation:Excuse me, I am an apple.

July 16, 2014

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An essential phrase, of course.


Pardon, bent u een banaan?


The woman dialed the number, and then sat patiently, waiting for someone to pick up.

"Hallo?" Came a man's voice.

"Hallo. Goedemorgen." The woman's lips parted slightly. "Ik ben een vrouw. Bent u...bent u een banaan?"

"Ah," said the man, his embarrassment clear. "Nee. Ik ben een appel. Het spijt me."

The woman frowned. "Heeft u een banaan?"

"Nee. Brood en rijst."

"Oke," sighed the woman. "Bedankt, en dag."

"Ja, tot ziens." The man's tone was unmistakably hopeful.

"Nee," said the woman firmly. "Dag."

And that is how I think I'll spend my time reinforcing the Duolingo dutch course lessons. Writing exercises devoted to the silly lines they have us translate.


Haha. I had a Dutch science teacher today and when he asked why I wasn't doing any work I said 'Pardon, ik ben een appel.' He just laughed and walked away.


Hallo, ik ben een oranje. . Yes, i know it's supposed to be sinaasappel. The above sentence makes no sense, which is my point XD another lingot for you!


If you say Ik ben een Oranje you're saying you're a member of the Dutch royal family. Van Oranje-Nassau is sometimes shortened to Oranje (probably not used by the family themselves).


To interpret that one I'll give a call to Sigmund Fruit


...the father of modern fruitology.


Confession: In order to practice my Dutch I would make phrases with the only few words I knew already and they would be all silly like this one. Thank you course writers, now I don't feel alone anymore in this sea of silliness. ヽ(•‿•)ノ


Omg, this is the best thing ever. Mom, you don't understand- I am an apple.


"It's not a phase!"


Me: "Hallo sap!" Sap: "Pardon, ik ben een appel."


"You need experience in SAP" "Het spijt me, Ik ben een appel"


I am an apple. Uh huh. I know a family whose last name is Appel (spelled like that) and this WOULD be a phrase to know.


This is very Kafkaesque.


Pardon, ik ben een kever. (In reference to Yolo's comment).


when Steve Jobs and Bill Gates meet in Amsterdam :')


"—Quick, we need a piece of fresh fruit!! Is there any piece of fresh fruit in the hall room?? —Pardon, ik ben een appel. —Oh, thank goodness! We're saved!!"


How is the dutch "R" pronounced?


Like it's coming from your throat, but not like the french all fancy, more like you have something stuck in your throat and need to get it out.

Something like that :)


If by "all fancy" you mean an uvular trill, that's actually a myth: R is pronounced as a voiced uvular fricative or approximant in current standard French. But I think most people will get what you mean haha


Whatever, I'll just be doing the French way for a while first.


People from The Hague pronounce the r like that :)


It depends, there are some regional differences, also it depends on personal preference. For some speakers it even depends where in the word the r is. Since there is a lot of variation, you can basically choose. This video explains a lot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIWmTglqUzY


Pardon zeg, ik ben helemaal geen appel. Ik ben een peer. Een beetje appels met peren vergelijken zeker:p

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