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  5. "Tha an t-òrd seo trom."

"Tha an t-òrd seo trom."

Translation:This hammer is heavy.

March 28, 2020



Is this an alternative structure? "tha seo t-òrd trom"


So why is aotrom not correct? Hammers can be light, you have big hammers and small hammers so: one could be heavy but this one is light.


I'm not sure I understand. The sentence is asking for the English translation of "tha an t-òrd seo trom".


The OP might be referring to a fill-in-the-blank version of the question that I found odd too - "tha an t-òrd seo ........" where both trom and aotrom were options available from the tiles.


Indeed. I was given four options and both trom and aotrom were listed as an option.


Ahhhh gotcha. That shouldn't have happened so I've removed it. Thank you!


This exercise was audio. I did not hear the speaker say "an" and I listened more than once. So I chose 'tha t-ord seo trom.' What was really weird is that the Duolingo message said "Correct!" but it was in red and marked me wrong. If I missed hearing the "an" -- OK, mark me wrong, but don't tell me I'm correct AND mark me wrong! That's just messing with my mind, LOL!

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