are you??

Hi friends how are you? How is your situation with sitting at home? Are you bored ?? I am also very hopeful of sitting at home, but what will we do? We are forced to stay at home to protect ourselves and protect our father, our mothers, our relatives and everyone we know. So I advise you to stay home and protect yourself from the Coronavirus And advise me in a way to reduce boredom and thank you مرحبا يا اصدقاء كيف حالكم؟ كيف هو وضعكم مع الجلوس في البيت؟ هل انتم مالين؟؟ وانا ايضا امل جدا من الجلوس في البيت لكن ماذا سنفعل نحن مجبرون على البقاء في المنزل لحماية وانفسنا ونحمي ابانا وامهاتنا واقاربنا وكل من نعرفهم لذا انصحكم بالبقاء في البيت ولتحموا انفسكم من فيروس كورونا وانصحوني بطريقة لكي اقلل من الملل وشكرا لكم

March 28, 2020

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أنا ناسبني كثيرا هذا الحجر هههههه .مددونا العطلة . والله شي رائع بالنسبة إلي . أختي بإمكانك استغلال وقتك في أشياء بتحبيها , اتفرجي مسلسلات , طوري مواهبك , اتعلمي لغات جدد . ساعدي أمك في شغل البيت . اقرئي كتب ... في كتير طرق .

شكرا كثير الك ورح اتبع نصائحك اكيد

Hi mais, here in Algeria I am fine thanks God.. now because I have a lot of free time that I must benefit, I realised that I can do many things to improve myself in too many ways, started to work for Google maps as a guide, discovered my vocal range which is "Soprano" from F2 to E6 ( Emm I just find this really interesting cuz I love music), also I am doing good with the front splits (Kind of gymnastics) , and when feel bored I use (Quora) to discover more about our world. hope you guys a nice and productive quarantine, stay safe and read some books.

thank you for your beautiful comment and stay safe too

hello .. I have question..Is there a (English) chat site that you know it?

I am sorry because i do not know

don't worry . thank you and please keep touch with me mais

where are you from mias

i am from plastine and you?

God willing, always

what are you study mais ??((or)) what are you work mais ??

i am in the 8 grade

Okay....You are smart in the English

What do you want to be in the future?

in the first thank you and i want to be architect

I have question. can you a draw?

perfect -- mais is an artist-- good job

Architect mais...what is your dream?

okay... sweet friend

thanks and nice to meet you

thank you .... Talking to you is very nice...nice to meet you too

Do not forget ...please keep touch with me mais

hello mais .... how is your today ?

i am fine thank you

today I was study mathematics for 3d solid

what are you doing today??

Do not say me ... I was sleeping :)

good .. what is your favorite study ??

good night and sweet dream mais

Good evening .. sweet architect

I am fine. sometimes I hear the music

hi ,we are good what about u for me i like to stay at home to have some time okfor me to relax but i miss to back to school too i hope everything well ending and we all

and i hope that

Now ... Happy Dream

Hi.. how are you. Today I make a cake. I was very delicious for me but my family didn't eat it Hahahahaha what did you do today ? or yesterday

i am fine and I did not do anything special as usual, studying, watching movies and do sport

how old are you؟؟

I am Simulation Engineer--- My English (grammar ) is not good -- engineer mais

I understood the song . I have translate program I can translate any language

A few words from the song(يا حياتي يا ملاكي) :) :)

yah right because there in the song words in arabic

No . I have translate program I can translate any language

جلست أفكر فيك كم هي جميلة عينيك A few words from the song

I like it - sweet architect

how are you today??

i am fine thank you,and you??

I am good . really you are sweet

I feel happy when talking with you

you are welcome my dear

Today I will talk to you... What is your favorite color? and why.

ok my favorite color is black and you?

because it's a beautiful color

my favorite color is yellow .because it is a bright the same sun , clear , smart , and optimistic color --- and because it is like you

Where are you my sweet????

you have skype or email messenger

I want to keep touch with you and I want to send you educational things

Okay as you like.. :) :)

hello. Sweet architect

ok what are you do?

I drink NESCAFE and work on the computer and talk to you :) :)

i play on the computer

Hahahahahaha Nice my sweet English teacher

I see in your profile(duolingo) ..learning a lot of languages

yah because i love this thing

You are amazing ..mais..every day I see something new in you

yes. yes. yes .. You are --- Art, Languages, Engineer, Teacher,Nice, Smart, Energy, Sweet,

NOW..Good night (my )sweet

A day of worry is more exhausting than a day of work. but don't forget (Sweet Dream) mais

and you? how is it going? really I miss you

i am fine thank you

Good ..where are you live in Palestine?

اعطوني رايكم بهاي المناقشة===اسم المناقشة:اقتراح تعديل على دولينجو ^-^

المناقشات ذات الصلة

تعلم لغة في 5 دقائق فقط يوميًا. مجانًا.