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  5. "It is your book."

"It is your book."

Translation:Het is jouw boek.

July 16, 2014



Difference between jou en jouw?


I choose the right answer but why duolingo still consider that i am wrong. Dat is geen goed


Maybe you missed one option? Cause its "choose ALL right clauses". One more thing : "Dat is niet goed" not "geen"


Difference between "jou" and "jouw"? Is one an emphasis word? Thanks!


Why wouldn't "je boek" work?


Using "je" as a possessive (instead of jouw) is indeed possible, if slightly informal and more common in spoken Dutch. It would change the meaning of this sentence, by removing the emphasis from "your". When you say "Het is je boek", the ownership of the book is not being discussed.


Exactly. Example: Dit is niet mijn pen, dit is jouw pen. (This is not my pen, this is your pen) Er zit ink op je hand, het is je pen (die lekt). (There is ink on your hand, it is your pen (that's leaking)).


The multiple choice gave me the following choices:

  1. Het is uw boek.

  2. Het is jullie boek.

  3. Het jongen jouw boek.

I knew the last one should not have "jongen" in it instead of "is", so I picked the top two choices and lo and behold I was correct???!!!! Is that really correct?


(1) is singular formal and (2) is plural, but in English both translate to "your" (though in some dialects of English, 2 would be "y'all's")


Y'all's! Ofcourse. Lightbulb moment. Here, have a lingot.


Why can you not put van in here?


Your book is a possessive adjective in front of a noun.
Possessive adjectives are always used along with a noun.
"That is your book" Het is jouw boek.

Possessive pronouns are most often used alone.
"That book is yours" Het boek is van jou


I wrote that" Het book is van jou and was marked wrong - it said it should be "van jouw". Is that correct?


When would I use the different ways to say "you/your"?


In my answers it was right: jullie , not jouw. Is 'jullie"the second Plurale form, meaning "your" in pl.?

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