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"Zij is mijn ma en niet mijn oma!"

Translation:She is my mom and not my grandma!

July 16, 2014



What about Nan. Much more commonly used in England.


And mum too, if i'm not mistaken. At least should be listed with mom as another option for "ma".


Depends on where in England. Fairly common in the north from whence i hail (and where i even so had a Grandma rather than a Nana), less so in the south i reckon. And i wouldn't have thought more common than grandma/granny/gran, in any case?


I live down south, and everybody calls their granny 'nan'. Maybe it's just a British thing in general?


I put gran too, and it was marked as wrong.


Gran is dialectal and not everyone uses it


I don't think any of the informal versions of "grandmother" are universally standard. Gran, granny, grandma, nan etc are all as good as each other, though their use may differ regionally. Granny and gran were what I used, and to me grandma sounds rather old fashioned.


I agree with your analysis Hazelbric. It was grandma for me so maybe I am old-fashioned but not so far gone as the glorious grand-ma-mum of Family Guy fame!


Haha she must look really old then


Yea :) . Not a good idea to get this wrong when meeting your girlfriends mother.


Always better to be wrong the other way around.


How do you say "awkward" in Dutch?


This is really annoying lol! My grandparents are from the Netherlands and I grew up calling them oma and opa so every time I go to translate oma and or opa I just type oma and or opa without realizing and getting the translation wrong even though I know its right lol.


Likewise! Really, there should be a setting where you can get it in a different color or something to remind you that "Oma" and "Opa" are Dutch and need to be translated. :)


Gran and nan should definitely be accepted here!


The word "mom" is not easy to hear with the machine voice.


Exactly. It's alright to hear with turtle voice, but otherwise it sounds like 'zij is mijn maarre niet mijn oma'. Reported


I find that the /o/ sound is a kind of universal for human to describe things that are big or sublime. (something above our level)

Say, in Japanese big is 大きい which reads o-ki-i with an /o/ in English and many others there are "awe" and "awe"-some Now in Dutch, I know that there is o-ma.

This word in quite beautiful and I suppose it to be a quite primitive word with an anthropological origin.

Last but not least ... the sentence its self is a very sad one... for the mother :)


It does annoy me that the app gives American options rather than English. I would never use the word "mom", for example.


Duolingo teaches American English but accepts other variants of English in its answers too.


I have never heard the word 'mom' used in the UK except by Americans. It would be nice to allow the English word 'mum'.


I have this problem with my dad :p


This is actually a sentencr I got to use once. Short story time! Once I went out with a friend and in the evening, when he had to go home, my mother offered to take him home. And when he left him home, he texted me to thank me and added "your grandma looks like such a nice person!" My reaction was "I- uhm. She's not my grandma. She's my mother."

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