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  5. "Yes, I am sorry."

"Yes, I am sorry."

Translation:Ja, het spijt me.

July 17, 2014



This one confused me as spijt came out of nowhere after we are taught sorry.


I'm a bit rusty with my Dutch but I'm pretty sure "het spijt me" translates a bit more like "it pains me" in English. The Dutch have borrowed "sorry" from English, so you can say "sorry" in Dutch by itself (e.g. to apologise or excuse yourself), but I think it's incorrect to say "I am sorry" (i.e. "ik ben sorry"). I don't think I've explained this well but, basically, you can SAY "sorry" in Dutch but it's not used the same as in English. In Dutch you can't BE "sorry". Can someone who's more articulate help me out here?


Got it, so sorry is only used as an interjection and het spijt me can be used as like I apologise?


Basically, yeah. Rule of thumb: "sorry" = "sorry" and "I am sorry" = "het spijt me".


It sounds like spijt and the English spite could be related.


In English: i am sorry In Dutch: het spijt me Or: sorry


I agree spijt is a new word And I noticed sometimes we get to pronunce complicated sentences before we even learn the new words that the sentence involves


what's the difference between "het spijt me" and "het spijt mij"?


Nothing, really :) 'mij' sounds a bit more formal/posh, though.


You can say 'sorry' but not 'ik ben sorry' in Dutch. 'Het spijt me' means 'I feel sorry' or like you said 'I regret that'


Wasn't "I" represented by "Ik"? Where did "het" come from?


The Dutch literally means something like "It pains me", so there is no "I/ik" in the actual Dutch sentence.

The "het" here is "it" (rather than "the").


I'm guessing my answer of "Ja ik ben sorry" is unacceptable because I'm kinda declaring myself as being the actual word rather than the concept? Or should my answer have been acceptable?


i was tempted to try "ja, ik ben jammer" but i realized that translates more to "yes, my bad". not exactly a genuine apology


No and in Dutch nobody would ever say 'ik ben jammer'.


yeah Its because sorry can only be used on its own


I tried "Ja, sorry." and it also wasn't accepted.


Should "Yes, I regret that" be accepted, and if not, why not? It seems like a closer translation than "Yes, I am sorry" and is perfectly valid English.


Would ik ben sorry be incorrect? Why so?


No, it would not. We (Dutch speaking people) will never say 'I am sorry'. Sorry is something you are not in Dutch but you have it. I am sorry = Het spijt me


How do you pronounce "spijt"? Is it similar to saying "Spite" in English, or more of an 'eh' sound...like saying "bet"?

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