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Verb's Case vs. Pronoun's Case

So, is the case of the verb influenced by subject while the pronoun's case is influenced by the object? Am I wrong in thinking that?

April 17, 2012

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Right. Actually verbs do not have case; they have tense (when the action occurred), number (singular or plural), and person (first, second or third). They also have mood (imperative, indicative, conditional, or subjunctive) as well as voice (active or passive.) and something called "aspect" too......... You are correct that some of this concerns the subject, for example, number: is the subject singular or plural. Person: is the subject myself or ourselves (first person) or is it YOU (second person)? Or is it him or them (third person)? Is the subject acting (active voice) or is the subject acted upon (passive voice)? ..... Mood : mostly in Duolingo the exercises are in the indicative mood. Some involve commands though (imperative mood). ---- Don't let all this scare you off though. You just have to know how to use a verb to express your thought. Nobody expects you to know all the technical aspects of German or English grammar!

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