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  5. "Hi, how is it going?"

"Hi, how is it going?"

Translation:Hoi, hoe gaat het?

July 17, 2014



Also, those intending to ask this question to a Dutchie, expect to hear how they are -really- feeling. Often these answers will be shortened, but it's not a way of greeting someone in the Netherlands. You greet with "hoi", "hallo", "goedemorgen", etc.


Does is have to be "hoi" or is "hallo" acceptable?


Hoi is hi, hallo is hello. It's not the exact translation, but should be accepted. If not, it would be a bit petty and should be reported.


That's what I was thinking. Thanks!


i have a doubt about the pronunciation. Whenever i hear dutch being spoken, there's this really throat hurting sound made, would it be like, all the "g"s? and maybe that's be the difference between the sound of the "g" and the "h"?


Yes, that "throat hurting sound" is probably the "g" sound you're talking about. Here is a thread about the alphabet and pronunciation that might help you: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3732990


Can someone tell me if "Hoe gaat het met je?" or "Hoe gaat het met u?" are correct Questions.


They are both correct :)


So gaat means "go" or...?


Yep, it's the third person singular conjugation (so for het, dat, hij, zij and ze), and "ga" is the first person. Don't quote me on this, but I'm pretty sure the second person is "gaat" as well, and the infinitive is "gaten" (because spelling rules, but as I said, no quoting).

EDIT: "Gaan" is the infinitive. Which is defs much cooler.


I thought How gaat het was how are you?? I;m so confused/ Help me fellow Dutch learners!


It is, but there are multiple ways that you can ask someone how they are doing.


"Hoe gaat het?" is pretty literally "How goes it?", which is an informal greeting in English. I don't know what register this is in Dutch, though.


"Dag, hoe is het?" That's acceptable as well.

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