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DUTCH IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!

Howdy!I finally am saying this, but after nearly a month of extreme patience and Duolingo, Dutch is officially the 6th language! I will try and get super far on Dutch (although I am struggling to keep all things strengthened in Spanish). Although Dutch has only 757 learners(including myself, last time I checked), I seriously hope people literally practice, and don't go through just the first lesson(if you ever done that, shame on you). That all the latest for me, and this is Eric N., signing out! Edit: I realized that it is very similar to German!

July 17, 2014

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I was supposed to finish my Italian tree before August, but with this release I don't think I'll can. I was not interested in Dutch at all, I went to test the new course anyways and now I can stop using it. What an entertaining language!

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