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  5. "Het meisje"

"Het meisje"

Translation:The girl

July 17, 2014



What's the difference between "het" and "de"? Could someone please tell me?


Like any of the other five languages you've studied, dutch has genders. De is used for the common gender (corresponds to der+die in German) and the plural, while het is used for the neuter gender (corresponds to the das in German).


How do we know if something is of the common gender and which is of the neuter gender?


Oftentimes, it's indeterminable through anything but practice. This is one of the cases where there actually is a strict rule in place, however. Regardless of whether or not the base word uses 'de', diminutives ALWAYS use 'het'. For example:

de deur - het deurtje | de muis - het muisje | het huis - het huisje


I still wonder why "meisje" in Dutch and "Madchen" in German are neutral nouns when they are referring to a girl. Does anybody know? I'm native of Spanish btw.

[deactivated user]

    Oh, your question have years buuuuut:

    Het is always used for diminutives. Diminutives can be recognized by their suffix; they end in: -je, -tje, -etje, -pje, -mpje.

    I guess in this case is because the suffix.

    I'm a native of Spanish too, lol.


    It sounds like the 'h' in 'het' is silent. Is my observation correct?


    Offically it isn't, but because Dutch people tend to speak rather quick it often becomes 'et' or even just 't'.


    I thought het was only for neutral singular


    Meisje is in the neuter singular. Just like in German, the word for girl is neuter instead of feminine because it's actually a diminuitive. I only know the origin in German, but I assume Dutch is pretty much the same:

    In German "Mädchen" derives from "Magd" (meaning maiden). It's a diminuitive (smaller-making form, I think Spanish has one too... -ito/a I think), which in both German and Dutch are always neuter.


    You're correct about Spanish :)


    I know that de is for common gender and het is for neutral, so then why is het used here? shouldnt it be de?


    Het is also used for diminutives. Meisje is a diminutive.


    Cual es la diferencia entre Het y De?


    "Het" es usado para sustantivos neutros, "de" para sustantivos con género femenino y masculino, los cuales debes aprender empíricamente. "De" también se utiliza como forma plural (las/los).


    What is a diminutive? People seem to be discussing how that helps you decide between de and het

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